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Trade Agile Therapeutics Stock Your Capital Is At Risk

Agile Therapeutics Stock Price Jumps with Increasing Stake from Main Holder

Updated: 18 Oct 2021

Agile Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AGRX) is up nearly 15% to kick off this week’s trading. The women’s healthcare specialist attracted further investment from Perceptive Advisors; who is already the largest stakeholder.

In the grips of a strong bearish trend, the Agile Therapeutics stock has been dropping since the start of this year. Even amidst developments such as changes to its board of directors, the addition of ‘Twirla’ to a preferred drug position on Medi-Care Formulary, and respectable 2020 fiscal results – Agile Therapeutics has had a tough trading year.

The privately-owned hedge fund Perceptive Advisors, announced late Friday that they would be increasing their already leading stake in the healthcare company. Following the end-of-week Form 4, Perceptive Advisors has purchased a further 5.7M AGRX shares at a price of $0.85. 


Totaling aggregate stock ownership of 21.7 million, Perceptive has increased its total investment by 36%. The insider transaction sharply follows the common stock offering of $22.7 million revealed by Agile earlier in the month. 

Agile therapeutics stock is currently trading at $0.8500, showing a significant loss in value from annual highs of $3.6600. Pharmaceutical companies have always been a firm favorite for hedge funds – with a lot on their plate, how will Agile combat their continual descent in stock price. Currently, with daily gains of 14%, the stock is looking healthy, yet we need to see a lot more from Agile.

Should You Invest in Agile Therapeutics Shares?

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