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Boeing Stock Price slips with reports of ‘improper manufacturing’ in 787 parts

Nigel Firth
Nigel Frith trader
Updated 14 Oct 2021

Aviation leader Boeing has been informed today that certain parts for the 787 Dreamliner were improperly manufactured – causing the stock price to slip 1.5% in the early hours of Thursday’s market open.

It seems like Boeing’s plans for the 787 Dreamliner haven’t gone quite as expected. The claim regarding poor manufacturing is the latest hindrance in a flurry of problems to hit the new airliner, throwing a spanner in the works for Boeing’s latest commercial endeavour. 

The specifics of the parts have not been identified by the supplier, but there are rumours surrounding some parts that are ‘weaker’ than they need to be. 

A spokeswoman for Boeing assured the public this problem poses no direct safety threat:

“While our investigation is ongoing, we have determined that this does not present an immediate safety of flight concern for the active in-service fleet” 

Plagued with problems, the new line of 787s manufactured over the last three years will await review by the U.S Federal Aviation Administration, the latest structural defect to put the brakes on normal levels of production – expecting to restart manufacturing in late October at the earliest.

The Boeing stock price is currently trading around the $218.70 mark, showing a small slip of 1.4% in the early hours of Thursday’s market.

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Nigel Firth
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