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Greenpro Capital Stock Price Doubles as Angkasa-X files for Satellite Launch

Nigel Firth
Nigel Frith trader
Updated 25 Oct 2021

Shares in Greenpro Capital (NASDAQ: GRNQ)- the diverse business incubator specializing in finance, technology, banking, and wellness – soared 110% as the market opened on Monday. Such an ecstatic rise on only be blamed on its incubated company Angkasa-X and the news that it is has been successfully admitted as an ITU-R member

With that, Angkasa-X is filing an application to launch a series of Low Earth Orbit satellites in a mission to bring internet connection to stricken locations across the planet.

The initiation has led to a Financial Advisory Agreement with BOA Investment Services Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Asia for the future financing of Angkasa-X’s ASEANLINK LEO Satellite Constellations – a network of satellites bringing global internet possibilities. 

Optimized growth is high on the agenda, with Greenpro looking to list Angkasa-X via an IPO on a U.S exchange in the months to come. Space stocks have caused more than a hum in the markets for the last year, so it might be worth keeping an eye open for this one. 

Dr. Lee, CEO of Greenpro mentioned: 

“We are proud that Angkasa-X is set to become a SpaceTech Unicorn with its vision aligned with the United Nations SDGs, to provide satellite connectivity services to serve the 670 million Southeast Asia mass populations.”

Greenpro stock is trading around 2.06 at the time of writing, sitting on gains of around 137%.

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Nigel Firth
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