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Here’s Why the AEye Stock Price Took Off Today

Updated: 26 Oct 2021

Figureheads in the autonomous industry, shareholders of AEye (NASDAQ: LIDR) reveled in a 54% stock gain in the early hours of Tuesday trading. The market for autonomy is, like that of clean energy and EV’s, attracting a lot of worthwhile attention. 

Today’s stock surge has Roth Capital to thank, who have outlined the specific potential of the company’s “differentiated” Lidar sensor, making particular reference to its place in the market of tomorrow. The stock continues to soar today, extending yesterday’s gains of 27% to a current 75% – investors aren’t sleeping on this one. 

It’s an exciting time for technology; sector growth is expanding at an industrious rate as we seek to redefine the modern norms of our society. Autonomous travel has weaved its way into the frontline of tech innovation in recent years, and financial firms have been quick to point to cutting-edge developments.


AEye’s LiDAR systems are all the rage in today’s market session, with investors continuing to relish the 257% upside prediction from Roth Capital. Furthermore, the Roth Analyst added that AEye’s overall business model is highly attractive, with a high margin licensing/royalty-based revenue model; suggesting gross margins of 80%-plus at scale.

AEye has lost some of its early momentum but still holds onto daily gains of over 68%, bouncing back from the $9.00 mark and currently residing in between the $6.50 and $7.00 mark. 

Should You Invest in AEye Shares?

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