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Pioneer Power Solutions Rallies 110% on the Launch of E-Boost Portfolio

Nigel Firth
Nigel Frith trader
Updated 8 Nov 2021

The latest electric stock to see sky-high gains, Pioneer Power Solutions (NASDAQ: PPSI) stock has more than doubled today, leaving electric-savvy investors smiling for sure. 

One of the leading manufacturers of on-site power equipment has officially launched its E-boost range today – consisting of 3 separate products aimed at ensuring receiving power is as practical as it is necessary. Covering a wide range of applications, the e-boost range thrilled investors this morning, spurring a bull run that is only just starting to ease off. 

Electric-based stocks have definitely had their place in the market today; with EVgo also seeing sizeable gains this morning with the increase of their convenience-orientated, fast-charging outlets in Pennsylvania. 

Nathan Mazurek, CEO and Chairman of Pioneer Power, points out the rapidly expanding market of EV’S:

“We are anticipating the rapidly growing demand for high-capacity mobile charging that will be required to support the wide range of EV and mobile power use cases with E-Boost products. The launch of these new offerings further advances our strategic shift towards the growing, multi-billion dollar market opportunity in Electrical Vehicle Charging (EVC).”

PPSI stock has a lot of potential as the market continues to grapple with exponential EV growth. PPSI is currently trading in and around the $6.50 level, with a daily gain of 101%.

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Nigel Firth
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