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5 Best Industrials Stocks in Kenya

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Updated 28 Oct 2022

Many developing countries are industrializing to transform their economies. Kenya has long supported industrialization to boost the economy.

This category contains most conglomerates, transportation stocks (railroads, airlines, and logistics corporations), and defence’s aircraft, machinery, construction, and engineering industries.

Job creation and poverty eradication are Kenya’s two core development concerns, and this campaign has earned attention as a strategy to address both. 1996 strategy framework to boost industrialization by 2020.

Kenya’s new industrialisation policy has a 25-year time frame and promotes specific industries.

In this article, we examine Kenya’s top 5 industrial stocks.

Best Industrials Stocks in Kenya to buy right now

5 Best Industrials Stocks in Kenya

1. Bamburi Cement (BAMB)


In 1951, Cementia Holding and the Blue Circle in British Kenya founded Bamburi Cement Limited. Bamburi Cement Limited produces and distributes cement and cement-related products. The company owns and maintains an environmental park in Kenya.

bamburi cement

Bamburi Cement has Kenyan and Ugandan divisions. Both industries produce and distribute cement. Bamburi Cement Limited offers ready-mix concrete, paving blocks, and pre-cast mould items such as drainage and edge restraints, fencing, and walling components.

Bamburi Cement Limited, a LafargeHolcim Limited subsidiary, is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) as BAMB. Bamburi Cement Limited is in the Industrials and Construction-Raw Materials sectors.

Bamburi Cement Limited has a market value of 13.4 billion KES, a P/E ratio of 12.80 KES, profits per share of 2.89 KES, and 363 million outstanding shares.

Bamburi Cement Limited had a first-half profit of 1,131,000,000 KES and sales of 19,600,000,000 KES. Sales cost was 18.4 m KES, and operating income was 1,131 m KES.

Before taxes, the company made 1,109,000,000 KES. Quarterly diluted net income was 776,000,000 KES, and diluted EPS excluding ExtraOrd Items was 1.86 KES.

Real-time BAMB chart analysis suggests improved short- and long-term performance.

Bamburi Cement Limited's positive EPS over the past six months speaks well for investors in the company's stock (ticker symbol: BAMB).

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2. East African Portland Cement (PORT)


East African Portland Cement was founded in 1933 to import cement from England.

cement company

The Portland designation was given to the East African Portland Cement Co. because its founders recognized a remarkable likeness between the hardened cement and the Portland stone quarried on the Isle of Portland, England.

East African Portland Cement Co.'s initial cement mill used Indian clinker in Nairobi's Industrial Area.

Construction on East African Portland Cement Co.'s Athi River plant began in 1956. The Athi River Facility's rotary kiln increased cement production from 60,000 to 120,000 tonnes annually.

East African Portland Cement Co. shares are 8.10 KES. The company's market cap is 729,000,000 KES, its price-to-earnings ratio is -0.26 KES, and its earnings per share are -30.77 KES.

East African Portland Cement Co. lost (334.32) million KES in 2020 on revenue of 1,389.51 million KES, up from 991 million KES in the previous six-month period.

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3. Olympia Capital Holdings (OCH)


Olympia Capital Holdings Limited is an NSE-listed Kenyan holding company that invests in construction industries.

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited

Dunlop Industries Limited owns Olympia Capital Corporation (Private), Kalahari Floor Tiles (Private), Gaborone Enterprises (Private), Avon Rubber Company Ltd, and Mather & Platt (Kenya) Ltd.

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited today produces and distributes a wide array of products and services in the Industrials value chain, including house restoration, building and construction, PVC windows and door frames, cleaning chemicals, adhesives, fire prevention equipment, and water pumps.

Olympia began creating vinyl floor tiles, adhesives, and sports equipment in 1968. In 1974, it went public.

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited has a market cap of 80,000,000 KES, a P/E ratio of 18.18, and earnings per share of 0.11. 40,000,000 shares were available.

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited posted increased profits in 2021. Quarterly revenue was 242.85 million KES, up from 232 million in August.

The company's operational loss was 1.48 million KES, compared to 15 million KES in the prior period.

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited's expanding earnings per share and stable profitability mean rising dividends and profits.

Olympia Capital Holdings Limited's real-time price chart implies analysts predict the Industrials sector to continue its recent upward trend, with market share and trade volumes improving.

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4. TransCentury Limited (TCL)


TransCentury Limited was created in 1997 and operates in 14 African nations. Kenya is the company's hub.

TransCentury Limited

TransCentury Limited assists engineering businesses in Africa, including power and transportation. TransCentury Limited's three major companies offer a wide range of goods and services.

The company's early value was less than 30 million Kenyan Shillings (KES). The company thrived and is today a Nairobi Securities Exchange-listed private equity firm.

TransCentury Limited sold 34% of Rift Valley Railways to Citadel Capital of Egypt for $37.8 million in 2014. (3.2 billion KES). TransCentury Limited had 19.4 billion KES in assets and 11.4 billion KES in shareholder equity in 2014.

Soon after, TransCentury Limited announced it will use the money from Rift Valley Railways to build a 35 MW geothermal powerhouse in Menengai.

Africa's TransCentury Limited provides electrical and transportation engineering. TransCentury Limited's three major companies offer a wide range of goods and services.

TCL is a good long-term investment, with solid short-term performance and a rebound expected.

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5. East African Cables (CABL)


East African Cables Limited manufactures and sells electrical cables and conductors.

East African Cables Limited

Home and business lighting, utility transmission and distribution, and manufacturing illumination use East African Cables Limited's cables. The company manages four factories in Kenya, Tanzania, and DRC.

East African Cables Limited offers copper electrical cables and conductors for residential and industrial use, PVC and XLPE goods, aluminium conductors and cables, aerial bunched cable (ABC) products, and telecommunication and data cables (fibre optic cables and coaxial cables).

East African Cables Limited's market value is 365 million KES, and its earnings per share are 1.92 KES. Issued: 25,3,000,000 shares.

In 2020, East African Cables Limited earned 232.80 million KES, up from 195.42 million in 2019.

East African Cables Limited's expanding earnings per share and sustained profitability have contributed to increased dividends and profits.

According to the real-time analysis of charts using data from East African Cables Limited, experts anticipate that the Industrials sector will maintain its recent upward performance and extend its market share as a result of higher trade volumes.

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