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5 Best Performing Shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Updated 17 Aug 2022
5 Best Performing Shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

The 5 Best Performing Shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) revealed. We have carried out extensive fundamental and technical analyses to find the shares on the NGX that are performing the best currently.

This is a complete guide to the 5 Best Performing Shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • What is the purpose of the Nigerian Stock Exchange?
  • 5 Best Performing Shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • How to choose the right Share Broker in Nigeria
  • The Best CFD Brokers in Nigeria

And lots more…

So, if you’re ready to go “all in” with the 5 Best Performing Shares on the NGX…

Let’s dive right in…

What is the purpose of the Nigerian Stock Exchange?

The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX, or Nigerian Exchange Group) is the continent’s largest economy’s leading integrated market infrastructure. Companies that want to use the financial markets to fund their business growth can get access to capital through the Exchange.

NGX offers its group of domestic, regional, and international investors a wide range of regulated securities that help them reach their investment goals.

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5 Best Performing Shares on the Nigerian Stock Exchange

Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc (NGX: MULTIVERSE)

The Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc. is a mining company based in Nigeria that is involved in the exploration, extraction, sale, and distribution of many kinds of stones as well as other kinds of extractive solid minerals.

Multiverse was first publicly traded on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange on October 8, 2008, and the company now has more than 4,000 Shareholders.

Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc headquarters are in Lagos and with a market value of NGN 831 million, Multiverse Mining & Exploration is currently the 132nd most valuable stock on the NGX.

This represents around 0.003% of the total equity market that is traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. According to the volumes traded on the NGX, Multiverse Mining and Exploration Plc is the 33rd most traded stock in Nigeria.

Starting the year with a share price of 0.20 NGN, Multiverse Mining & Exploration has seen its value increase by 875%, making it the best-performing stock on the NGX so far in 2018.

Growth and Valuation Information
Share Price 1.95 NGN
Market Capitalization 831 million NGN
P/E Ratio
Dividend Yield

Cornerstone Insurance Company (NGX: CORNERST)

The Cornerstone Insurance Company Plc is a Nigerian insurer that provides both life and non-life policies to its customers. Individuals, businesses, and institutions could all make use of the firm’s risk underwriting and associated financial services.

Among Nigeria’s insurance providers, Cornerstone Insurance Company Plc was the first to provide policyholders with a website via which to make payments and other administrative changes. Access to the company’s offerings is facilitated by the widespread use of the internet and mobile devices.

With a market value of NGN 13.1 billion (or around 0.047% of the Nigerian Company Exchange’s equity market), Cornerstone Insurance Company is the 58th most valuable currently.

Cornerstone’s year-to-date performance ranks it 17th on the NGX, based on its share price, which started the year at 0.46 NGN. Investors are upbeat about CORNERST since its stock price has risen by 16% in the previous four weeks, making it the ninth best performer on the NGX.

Growth and Valuation Information
Share Price 0.72 NGN
Market Capitalization 13.1 billion NGN
P/E Ratio 5.32
EPS 0.14 NGN
Dividend Yield 6.94%

Regency Alliance Insurance Plc (NGX: REGALINS)

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In Nigeria and across the West African area, Regency Alliance Insurance Plc is a top provider of insurance. Risk underwriting, risk management, asset management, medical insurance, and savings and investment products are only some of the services provided by this organization.

With a current market value of NGN 1.8 billion or around 0.0064% of the Nigerian Company Exchange equity market, Regency Alliance Insurance is the 110th most valuable stock on the NGX.

Growth and Valuation Information
Share Price 0.27 NGN
Market Capitalization 1.8 billion NGN
P/E Ratio 5.58
EPS 0.05 NGN
Dividend Yield 0.00%

Aiico Insurance Plc (NGX: AIICO)

In addition to life assurance and annuity, general insurance and special risk, pension management, health insurance, and asset management, Aiico Insurance Plc is a top insurance provider in Nigeria.

The business serves a wide range of customers, including businesses, financial institutions, governments, and individual consumers, making it the second-largest insurance provider in Nigeria in terms of gross premiums.

During the last quarter, shares of Aiico Insurance were the 12th most actively traded on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Growth and Valuation Information
Share Price 0.64 NGN
Market Capitalization 23.4 billion NGN
P/E Ratio 3.01
EPS 0.21 NGN
Dividend Yield 3.13%

Learn Africa Plc (NGX: LEARNAFRCA)

The Nigerian publishing and distribution company Learn Africa Plc serves students from kindergarten to university.

The firm, which began operations in 1961 under the name Longman Nigeria and is currently known as Pearson Education, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Longman Group UK Limited. Pearson and Longman Nigeria mutually decided to become distinct business organizations in 2011.

Learn Africa Plc is Nigeria’s biggest educational publisher, boasting the country’s greatest selection of textbooks and supplementary materials and the most comprehensive distribution system for these items.

Shares of Learn Africa, which started the year trading at 1.17 NGN, have since increased in value by 122%, placing the company in the sixth position, year-to-date, on the NGX.

Investor sentiment is optimistic about LEARNAFRCA because of the stock’s 16% gain over the previous four weeks, ranking it ninth best on the NGX.

Growth and Valuation Information
Share Price 2.60 NGN
Market Capitalization 2.01 billion NGN
P/E Ratio 5.14
EPS 0.51 NGN
Dividend Yield

Academy Press Plc (NGX: ACADEMY)

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Labels, calendars, annual reports, novels, periodicals, and promotional materials are just some of the many things that Academy Press Plc prints in Nigeria.

In terms of year-to-date performance on the NGX, Academy Press is in fourth place, having started the year with a share price of 0.50 NGN and increasing its value by 320%.

Investors are extremely positive about ACADEMY, as the stock has gained an impressive 62% in the previous four weeks alone, making it the second-best performer on the NGX.

Growth and Valuation Information
Share Price 2.10 NGN
Market Capitalization 1.27 billion NGN
P/E Ratio  
Forward Dividend  
Dividend Yield  

How to choose the right Share Broker in Nigeria

Traders could not have picked a more favourable time to enter the investment market than the present. Competition among online brokers is high, which means costs are dropping down and features are being boosted.

Those interested in trading global financial instruments could choose from a wide variety of online forex and CFD brokers. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing a broker and we will go through them here.

Commission Charges

Individual stocks, options, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and bonds are the main investment types offered by brokers. Some will also provide exposure to the forex market, futures trading, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Both the suitability of the broker’s offerings to your investment requirements and the fees you must pay is dependent on the investments the broker has available. You should pay close attention to the commissions that are involved with the investments you like.

best performing nigerian shares

Overall Reliability

There is a diverse selection of brokers available. Several have been popular for many years, while others have just recently emerged.

That does not imply they cannot be trusted, but if they are managing transactions for clients, they are members of a self-regulatory organization like the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and other regulators, or subject to additional oversight.

Account Fees

While it could be impossible to eliminate account fees, they may be kept to a minimum. To withdraw funds or investments, or to close your account, most brokers will assess a fee. When switching brokers, your new firm could pay some or all your transfer expenses.

If a broker does not charge them, or if you do not use their optional services, you could avoid paying most additional costs.

Annual costs, inactivity fees, trading platform subscriptions, and additional charges for research or data are all examples of the kind of expenses you should be aware of.

Pricing and Execution on Trades

Cost is less of a factor today, leading to commission-free transactions becoming the norm at most brokerages.

However, you should consider the brokerage’s position on the controversial practice of paying for order flow and how much it costs before making a final decision.

This is especially true if you are an active trader who wants their deal completed at the best price possible, even if it means a difference of a few cents.

Additional Tools, Educational Materials, and Features

Look for a brokerage that provides free educational tools like live webinars, detailed how-to instructions, video tutorials, glossaries, and more if you are just starting in the investment world.

You should also look at the broker’s commitment to educating its customers about the inherent hazards of more complex trading tactics like options.

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The Nigerian Stock Exchange is thriving, offering Nigerian traders a range of options that allow them to grow their wealth either through short-term trading or a long-term investment.

The best performing shares on NGX are some of the safest companies in which to invest, allowing traders to profit either from the appreciation of shares, or dividends paid by the companies listed on NGX.