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Zosano Pharma Rallies 40% on Promising New Covid-19 Vaccine Patch

Nigel Firth
Nigel Frith trader
Updated 17 Nov 2021

Zosana Pharma Corp (NASDAQ: ZSAN) stock surged in Wednesday premarket trading, picking up gains of over 40% as investors caught hold of the news that the companies microneedle patch system may be compatible with a Covid-19 vaccine. 

The patch, consisting of roughly two thousand drug-coated titanium microneedles mounted on an adhesive patch would provide an alternative method of vaccination instead of traditional intramuscular injection. 

“We are pleased to have successfully formulated a COVID-19 vaccine candidate onto our microneedle patch system, which provides additional support for the potential of our microneedle patch technology”


“We believe a COVID-19 vaccine candidate using our patch technology if successfully developed and approved, may provide an alternative to traditional intramuscular injections. The formulated patches are also designed to be stable at room temperature, which we believe may enable easier and broader distribution without the burden of cold-chain storage.”

Based on the premarket rally, it’s clear that Covid-19 still has significant weight in guiding investor sentiment, especially with regards to the increasingly competitive vaccine race. We've seen stock surges in Pfizer following a large-scale vaccine rollout, and companies like Emergent lose 40% in stock value following a botched deal. 

Patches like this are important in ensuring the extensive innovation of vaccine technology, and hence investment opportunities will continue to present themselves. Particular angles like room-temperature storage circumvent hurdles in cold-chain storage – which could prove critical in the future of vaccine management. 

Zosano’s potential vaccine patch has caused quite a stir in Wednesday’s premarket trading, and it will be interesting to see how momentum holds up as the trading day continues. ZSAN stock is sitting at $0.8839 with a premarket gain of 42%.

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Nigel Firth
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