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Updated: 12 June 2020

Finding the right platform for online trading that suits the individual needs of a trader is a key part to opening the world of financial markets. Traders who want to break into this world can make a Forex broker comparison to explore what will suit their way of working best. IQ Option MT4 has grown in popularity since the company launched in Cyprus in 2014. Although not providing the MT4 platform, the IQ Option platform is highly regarded in the field. With 20 million customers in the UK, the IQ Option MetaTrader is a tried-and-tested way of dealing.

  • Everything in one platform
  • Choice of trading options
  • User-friendly software
  • Risk-free demo account

Everything in One Platform

When making an IQ OptionMT4 broker comparison, traders should explore a range of options before choosing the best IQ Option MT4 broker for them. The IQ Option platform offers everything that a trader will need to work in whichever investment or spread betting area they want. With a multi-chart layout that analyses historic data, traders are able to make critical trading decisions and access opportunities to trade forex, options and cryptocurrencies in the UK.

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Traders can also use the IQ Option MT4 on a range of devices, so as well as the desktop and laptop option, apps can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store for mobile devices. The platform supports iOS, Android and Linux operating systems. The platform provides the latest market updates and stock screeners, together with volatility alerts, newsletters and calendars providing regular information on the financial world. Thousands of trading opportunities are available with the IQ Option MT4, and with a support option available that allows traders to get advice from fellow traders, there is a community spirit to engage and inform users. Asset types that can be traded through the platform include precious metals and stocks as well as currencies and cryptocurrencies, giving access to a wide range of markets in a fast-moving financial world.

As IQ Option operates in a global environment, it makes the platform accessible in many different languages, including English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Korean along with several others, and is compatible with numerous currencies, including dollars, pounds, euros and roubles.

Choice of Trading Options

With the IQ Option platform, traders can explore many different markets and trade in one or two chosen ones or spread their net more widely. The major choices are forex, cryptocurrencies and options, and traders can also choose to work with commodities and indices. Trading in forex is one of the most popular options for traders. It is an enormous market and is open 24 hours a day, five days a week. Stock exchanges around the world open and close at different times due to time differences, so traders should be aware that when using IQ Option MT4, the largest interest in currency trading takes place during each stock exchange's working hours. It is therefore important to check on the American, European, UK, Asian and Australian opening and closing times to aim for peak market access. When looking to trade in options, IQ Option has a good selling point in that it only asks for a minimum of £/$/€ 10 to start UK trading options, making it highly accessible. With 71 assets available to be traded on the platform, including indices, commodities and stocks, as well as currencies, there are ample ways for traders to make money. With transactions beginning with as little as £1, even traders with low initial deposits can explore and begin to realise their trading potential.

User-Friendly Software

Although there are many who consider IQ Option MetaTrader 4 to be a good software tool for trading, IQ Option has retained its own in-house platform, which it has developed and continues to work on, having recently expanded its offering to trade cryptocurrencies. The platform's interface is attractive and easy to read, and comes in downloadable and web-based formats. The software's downloadable version effectively replicates the web-based platform and has the same features. These include charts that can be traded from directly, and traders can apply different time frames and display up to nine charts at one time. There are features that focus on opening and closing positions, and traders can also get an overview of their open positions. There is also a section for trading history. Learning more about how any platform works is essential to getting the best out of it, and the IQ Option platform has a number of video tutorials together with details of various analysis methods and tips on how the platform works. Knowledge is power, and IQ Option has placed as much knowledge as possible at the fingertips of both committed and casual traders. The selection of charting tools lets traders choose what works best for them, so there are Line Charts, Area Charts, Bar Charts and Candle Charts to choose from, enabling traders to spot various chart patterns. Geographical tools are also available together with 12 technical indicators that include the Stochastic Oscillator and the Bollinger Bands.

Risk-Free Demo Account

Learning how to trade digital options takes time, so opening a free demo account with IQ Option is a risk-free way to start to get to grips with the ins and outs of financial trading. Becoming an IQ Option client gives access to a $1,000 demo account that can be replenished if lost over a period of time. Earning with digital options, whether working with commodities, currencies or stocks, needs good strategies and forecasts in order to make money. Although it may sound simple to forecast the movement of assets and bet on whether they will rise or fall, it actually takes a lot of practice and, sometimes, some trial and error to work to turn a profit. There are many pitfalls to trading when just starting out, making a demo account the ideal way to learn how to trade well.No trading is free of risk, but that risk can be mitigated by concentrating on sharpening skills and understanding how and why particular markets move to build up a store of knowledge for the possibility of live trading in the future. Traders learning their way around with an IQ Option demo account are not left to their own devices if they need support. There is a dedicated team of experts who can help with queries and ensure that clients get all the tools and knowledge they require before plunging into the maelstrom of live trading.

Option Strategies

After going live, it is essential for traders to set some strategies to avoid the possibility of getting more losses than gains when trading. Risks can be reduced, but successful trading requires a good understanding of the rules that should be followed. Live trading can be an emotional rollercoaster, and it can be easy to stick with a losing position for far too long in the hope that it will rise again. Good strategies can help to avoid those downtimes, so it is worth traders considering some basic rules. Trends are an important part of any developing strategy. A trend, it is often said, is a friend, so it is best not to bet against it. For example, before traders place a call option trade, they should ensure that the trend is going up. It increases the chances of making a profit rather than trying to execute a call order when the market is trending down. Good risk management is another essential part of setting up a workable strategy. Betting on anything has risks, and some of these can be very high. Traders should not get carried away in the heat of the moment, and they need to decide how much money they want to trade in every order. They should be aware of how much they are prepared to lose on a particular transaction and stick to it, otherwise there is the potential for large losses and a decreased appetite for continuing to trade.

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Payments and Withdrawals

One frequently asked question when signing up with a broker concerns the cost of payments and withdrawals and what level of commission charges, if any, there are. All brokers have charges for their services, and before signing up, traders should explore their options, examine what services are offered, and understand the costs of making transactions. One aspect of using the IQ Option platform is that there are no hidden costs with withdrawals. Hidden charges can add unwanted and unexpected costs to a portfolio, and IQ Option aims to provide a high level of services without piling on additional costs. Using IQ Option ensures that all payments are made secure – an important factor when signing up with any provider of broker services. Whether it is for deposits or withdrawals, IQ Option makes all major financial methods available. These include the traditional Visa and Mastercard either used as credit or debit cards, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller and WebMoney. With high levels of online encryption and charging no commission, using IQ Option is a safe and low-cost way of trading. IQ Option is also clear about the potential financial risks involved with trading and highlights that options are a high-risk investment as are any other forms of investing.

An Award-Winning Broker

Any examination of an online broker will look at awards gained by the business, and this IQ Option MT4 review is no different. In 2017, the company won the ‘Award of Excellence’ from the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, a serious nod to the way that it has developed its platform to be highly user-friendly. Going back to the year of its launching, 2014, IQ Option won the ‘Best Trading Platform’ at the Forex Awards – again recognition of high quality in what at the time was a very new business. The Business Initiative Directions Group recognised IQ Option with the ‘Century International Quality Gold ERA Award’, and as a relatively young company in the world of online trading, it has proven to be a successful operator and is still growing fast. Part of any online business's presence is to ensure that clients get the information and services they need, and the recognition of IQ Option in terms of the awards over the last few years shows that it has been determined to become an important and trusted player in the field and offer a range of services and options that are attractive, easy to operate and offer good value for money in a secure environment.

IQ Option MT4 – a Good Platform for Trading?

With many brokers in the market, many of whom use IQ Option MetaTrader 4 as their trading platform, IQ Option is different in that it has developed its own platform for traders to use. It is generally considered to be user-friendly and a good way to get access to many options for trading. It covers all the main markets for trading, including currencies, commodities, stocks, indices and cryptocurrencies, and though it doesn't use MT4, it has gained many millions of users who find that the interface is easy to use and gives all the information they need.

The platform continues to grow its user base, providing all the tools needed to trade successfully, offering tutorials through videos and the option to be in contact with other traders, and providing a good level of customer service. Enabling traders to work 24 hours a day, five days a week means that they can keep abreast of all market developments and can access their accounts through a range of mobile devices so that they can continue to trade on the move. All in all, IQ Option MT4 is an important addition to the range of brokers in the market.