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Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC (NGX: CHIPLC) | Share Price

Nigel Firth
Nigel Frith trader
Updated 27 Sep 2022

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC is one of the leading general business and special risk insurance underwriters in Nigeria that traces its history to 2007 when it was incorporated following a merger. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC has spent more than a decade in a leadership role in underwriting a wide portfolio of transactions, spread across several industries in Nigeria, including:

  • Aviation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Marine Cargo
  • Hull Business
  • Motor Insurance Business

Latest Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc Share Price

The graph above shows the latest Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc share price on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Investors have seen Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc shares perform well historically, and it remains a steady investment. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance Plc stock is live on the NGX under the stock symbol of CHIPLC and is available to trade via several brokers in Nigeria.

What is Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC?

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Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC has a significant amount of leverage on capabilities and the company is poised to harness the overall skills and expertise of the entire group, resulting in the comprehensive provision of premium risk management solutions across a wide customer base in Nigeria.

Furthermore, Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC is also the second insurance company in Nigeria that has ISO 9001:2015 certification, which further puts it ahead of its competitors. The services offered by  Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC covers the following:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Short-term lending
  • Equipment Leasing
  • Auto-tracking Services.

There are two major business segments through which Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC operates namely General Insurance, Finance and Support Services.

  • General Insurance involves cover for properties of indemnifying customers. It also covers compensation for third parties if a customer causes damage to the property of another individual or business.
  • Finance and Support Services offers consumer leasing services through a subsidiary of Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC, namely CHI Capital Limited, which offers local purchase orders (LPO) financing, consumer Lease, working capital financing, and several other financing and solutions.

In addition, Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC offers financial management services through another subsidiary, Grand Treasurers Limited. There are also auto-tracking and support services offered through a CHI Capital subsidiary namely CHI Support Services Limited.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC’s equity stocks are for sale online on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NGX) under the stock symbol CHIPLC. Today, Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC is based in Obanikoro, Nigeria where it operates in the Insurance Industry and the Financials sector.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC’s executive leadership team consists of Obinna Ralph Ekezie who is the Non-Executive Chairman, Eddie Efekoha who is the Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, and the Executive Director, and several other members.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC Performance

The current share price for Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC stocks is 0.49 NGN [2021/09/20] and the company has a total market capitalization of 5.57 billion NGN, with a P/E ratio of 17.33 NGN and earnings per share of 0.03 NGN, and a total of 10.7 billion shares outstanding.

During an analysis of financial performance data for Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC during the second quarter of 2021, which ended June 30, the company recorded revenues of 1,337.13 million NGN, with a total of 1,104.04 million NGN in premiums which were earned for the quarter.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC achieved investment income to the value of 212.23 million NGN, which increased from the 204.76 million NGN reported for the first quarter. The losses, benefits, and adjustments reported amounted to 746.84 million NGN, which decreased from the 1,334.45 million NGN reported for March.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC’s depreciation and amortization decreased from 34.77 million NGN in March to 27.88 million NGN in June. The total operating income that Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC reported for the quarter was 155.66 million NGN. The diluted EPS excluding ExtraOrd items was 0.01 NGN while diluted normalized EPS was 0.01 NGN.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC reported improved financial results and statements showed increased profits for the second quarter. These results bode well for investors who want to buy or sell CHIPLC stocks as they can expect solid dividends and returns.

According to an analysis that was carried out on the live chart of CHIPLC, a forecast on short-term performance indicates decent improvements in stock value, with 13% for the past month, 67.7% in six months as well as the past year, and 62.5% in the year-to-date.

Highlights of Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC in 2021

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC started the year with a share price of 0.32 NGN, and it has since gained 62.5% on this price valuation, ranking it 12th on NGX where year-to-date performance is concerned.

Because CHIPLC stocks have accrued 13% in the past four weeks, shareholders who want to buy or sell shares are optimistic and this improvement has made CHIPLC stocks eighth-best on NGX.

Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC is the 28th most-traded stock on NGX and during the past three months, CHIPLC experienced a total trading volume of 145 million shares, closed in 991 deals, to the value of 81.7 million NGN, with an average of 2.29 million shares traded in each session.

How to buy Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC stocks Step-by-step

The stock market is one of the most attractive financial markets that sees millions of retail investors and traders’ participation daily. To buy, sell or trade CHIPLC stocks, traders and investors can follow these simple steps:

  • Find the share that you want to purchase, in this case, “CHIPLC”.
  • Select a forex broker that offers access to the Nigerian Stock Exchange(NGX).
  • Review the broker’s trading conditions, fees, deposit and withdrawal methods, trading platform, customer support, regulation, and other components to ensure that they are aligned with your trading
  • Open a live trading account with the broker by completing the online application form and providing the necessary documentation to verify the trading
  • Make your first share purchase through the broker.
  • Build and diversify your portfolio when you buy more shares.


Consolidated Hallmark Insurance PLC is a Nigerian company that provides special risk insurance underwriting services in the region.

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