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Broker Complaints

Here at AskTraders, we want to help you have the best possible experience with the broker you choose. To support our community, we have provided a way for you to submit a complaint about any broker.

We can help you find a solution to your issue and have also compiled your complaints in a searchable platform, so anyone can check the problems and issues real customers have had with a broker.

We want you to know your rights and be able to easily voice your complaint. In order to submit a complaint, you will need to be registered or logged-in user of

We welcome all kinds of complaints, including reports of CFD scams, forex scams, crypto scams, binary options scams or any situation where you feel you have been treated unfairly or illegally by any broker.

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How does AskTraders' Complaints work?
AskTraders complaints is a free, independent resolution service. We connect traders with brokers and help them resolve the most common, and sometimes uncommon, issues they may experience and find the best outcome for both parties.
Can anyone use AskTraders Complaints?
This free service is available to all of our registered users. Simply log in to your account to voice your complaint. Any reader can view and search complaints without registering an account or logging in. It is easy to register as a user if you wish to submit a complaint.
How do i submit a complaint?
You can submit a complaint using our handy complaints form. Please give as much detail as possible as this will enable us to assess your situation and respond with our recommended next steps.
Does AskTraders investigate my complaint for me?
No, AskTraders is not an investigation or mediation service and does not investigate complaints on your behalf. Instead, we connect users and brokers and use our extensive experience and knowledge of the investing world to suggest what can be done to rectify the situation.
How does the AskTraders complaints board and platform work?
Any registered user can submit a complaint, and any reader can view, search and filter this user content. As a community, we are working together to expose broker scams and violations of best practices while also offering possible solutions for members of our community.
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Pay attention to time frames
You should move promptly if your broker is unwilling to resolve your issues or offers a final resolution you are unhappy with. As already mentioned, the FOS will be unable to intervene if more than six months have elapsed since the broker offered you a solution to the problem.
Do things in the right order
We laid out the steps above in that order for a reason. Approach the broker first so that you’re not taking an easily solved issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service. It’s also vital to approach the FOS before taking a case to court. You can never submit a complaint about something a judge has already ruled on as the FOS does not have the authority to overrule a court decision.
File your complaint correctly
If you do need to take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, make sure you follow procedures. They deal with hundreds of complaints every day, so it’s wise to make dealing with yours as easy as possible. There are clear guidelines on their website regarding how to make your complaint and how things will proceed once your complaint has been received. Always use the online form on the website to submit your complaint.
Keep written records
Keep communications in writing as much as possible, even if this means confirming the key points of any phone conversations in a follow-up email. This helps both parties keep track of things and monitor what has and has not been done, and a written record is invaluable if you need to take things further.
Keep things civil.
It really is very common for complaints to be settled between the broker and the customer with minimal fuss and stress. Approach your broker in a civil and open manner with a clear explanation of what is causing you a problem, and you will often not need further action.
Make sure the issue is not one you are responsible for.
Another area that will not be covered under broker complaints procedures is if your personal account has been compromised due to your own poor security. If you pick a weak password, do not set up secure log-in procedures or do not keep devices you use to trade on safe, it is possible your account could be compromised without any bypass of the broker’s security.
Assess whether you really have a complaint.
It is not unusual to have bad experiences with investing. Trading stocks, CFDs and forex is not as easy as many people believe, and more private traders lose money than make it. You cannot lodge a complaint due to losses incurred through no fault of the broker. You also cannot make an external complaint about general ‘poor service’ if it has not resulted in any kind of financial loss for you.
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