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    • What are peoples thoughts of arp as a long term hold? it seems they could be implemented into the mainstream. Or at least parts of the crypto technology could
    • im looking at a potential CADJPY buy. Are others in on this trade? If so do you think a 78.40 target is a good idea? where do you think is a good place to take profits
    • aDoes anyone know a good site or software for tracking trading data? I am trying to backtest and see my win rate etc
    • i would suggest not trading non-farm payrolls. Especially as a beginner. It can be a volatile part of markets, especially in a market environment like the current one. You would need to have a clear understanding of market sentiment and how the market has priced in certain data, then have an idea on how big or small the NFP number is. After that you would be able to have an idea on a position to enter. However, as mentioned, there is a lot of volatility so you would need wide stops as price swings can be big on the release. 
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