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Express Kenya Plc (NSE: XPRS)

Nigel Firth
Nigel Frith trader
Updated 28 May 2024

What is Express Kenya Plc

Express Kenya Plc is a company based in Kenya and involved in the provision of clearing and forwarding services for air and sea, as well as logistics services and warehousing.

The history of Express Kenya Plc started back in 1918 already when the company was founded, and it was Listed on 1 January 1978.

Express Kenya Plc has a differentiated portfolio that operates through five divisions: sea freight, air freight, packing and removals, transport, as well as warehousing.

The fleet of Express Kenya Plc consists of more than 80 movers, that include trucks, small vans, trailers, low loaders of up to 80 tons capacity, side loaders, cladded stainless steel tankers and forklifts. Today, Express Kenya Plc manages large warehouses of a total of about 50 300 cubic meters and provides more than 40 000 cubic meters of secure covered space.

Express Kenya Plc operates through several subsidiary companies, including wholly owned Express Mombasa Limited, Container Services Limited and Airporter Limited. Etcoville Holdings Limited is the holding company of Express Kenya Plc.

Express Kenya Plc transports goods to the major cities and towns in Kenya and depots in South Sudan, North Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and the DRC. Express Kenya Plc offers more value-added services for its clients such as handing customs documentation for imports and exports, coordinating pick-ups, clearing and door-to-door deliveries, pre-shipment inspections, warehouse logistics, and storing, cleaning and repairing empty containers. Another division of Express Kenya Plc manages its real estate investments.

The Clearing and forwarding segment of Express Kenya Plc distributes products to various parts of the country on behalf of customers, and handle customers’ goods in and out of the country. The Warehousing segment handles storage of customers’ goods in the company’s warehousing facility and the Real estate segment manages the real estate development arm of the company.

Its warehousing services include provision of secure storage, cleaning, repairs and handling of empty containers.

Express Kenya Plc has its head office is in Nairobi, Kenya.

Express Kenya Plc’s equity stocks are for sale online on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) under the stock symbol XPRS.

Hector Robert Diniz is the current CEO of Express Kenya Plc and the company operates under the Transportation Industry, Miscellaneous Transportation Sector.

Express Kenya Plc

Express Kenya Plc Stock Performance

The current price for Express Kenya Plc (XPRS) stocks is 4.40 KES. When XPRS closed its trading day on Friday 10 September 2021 at 4.40 KES per share on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), a 10% gain over its previous closing price of 4.00 KES was recorded.

An analysis of financial data presented that XPRS experienced a 52 week high of 4.84 KES and a 52 week low of 2.58 KES, a 52 week change  of 3.53%. The Year to date growth is 21.88%.

With an increase of earnings per share and steady profits, investors who want to buy or sell EXPRESS KENYA PLC stocks can be assured of profitable dividends and earnings in years to come.

With an analysis of the live chart of EXPRESS KENYA PLC, some analysts forecast further enhanced performance for the transportation sector with market share growing as trading volumes may increase.

Highlights of Express Kenya Plc in 2021

Express Kenya Plc opened the year with a share price of 3.61 KES and has gained 21.9 % in value on its price valuation, ranking 12th on NSE with its year-to-date performance.

Express Kenya Plc was the 48th most traded stocks on the Nairobi Securities Exchange over a three month period between June and September 2021 when XPRS experienced a total trading volume of more than 89,400 shares that was executed in 42 deals to the value of KES 372,183, with an average of 1,419 traded shares per session.  A volume high for the same period of 53,600 was achieved on 12 August.

How to buy Express Kenya Plc stocks – Step by Step

The stock market is still one of the most popular financial markets that attracts millions of retail investors and participating traders daily. To buy, sell or trade Express Kenya Plc stocks, traders and investors should follow a few easy steps:

  • Select a forex broker that offers access to the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).
  • Review the broker's trading conditions, fees, deposit and withdrawal methods, trading platform, customer support, regulation, and other components to ensure that they are aligned with your trading plan.
  • Open a live trading account with the broker by completing the online application form and providing the necessary documentation to verify the trading account.
  • Find the symbol of the share that you want to buy, in this case, “XPRS”.
  • You can start by making your first share purchase through the broker.
  • You can now continue to buy more shares to build and diversify your portfolio.


The Nairobi Securities Exchange is the Stock Exchange in Kenya that was established in 1954 in Nairobi. At the time it was a voluntary association of stockbrokers in the European community and was registered under the Societies Act in British Kenya.

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