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  2. Sam Bougheda


    Hi Cody I am not too big on cryptos when it comes to believing they could be mainstream currencies. However, with XRP I have seen articles with research suggesting that parts of their technology could be used in central bank cryptocurrencies. I would say it is too early to tell whether that is 100% the case, but I believe the fact they the currency and technology behind it could be considered as part of a mainstream digital currency is definitely a positive and I would definitely suggest researching it more for the potential to hold as a longer term investment.
  3. Hi Ali I think it all depends on OPEC in this situation due to the current oil issues and the Canadian dollars correlation with oil prices. However, we have seen some risk on this week in markets but I wouldn't want to hold a long CAD position without having a view on how the oil situation may end up. if you haven't got that then I would suggest looking into it and deciding on a bias before entering long. I am neutral on the pair at the moment due to the current situation, but I do have a bias towards more risk weighted currencies this week, so I hope that helps.
  4. Hi Mohammed There are a few ways you can do this. My favourite is Edgewonk, it costs a bit of money but it's well worth the investment and you are able to track a load of different criteria, as well as adding custom criteria as well. you could also use a site like Myfxbook that will allow you to track your trading data, however, it is not as in depth as Edgewonk. The other way (which i began with) was by tracking all of my trading data in an excel spreadsheet. Oh and one final thing is that I believe IG are implementing something onto their platform that tracks more in depth trading data so you could check them out.
  5. Has the stock market bottomed, and should I start buying stocks?
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  7. Cody


    What are peoples thoughts of arp as a long term hold? it seems they could be implemented into the mainstream. Or at least parts of the crypto technology could
  8. Ali Farhad


    im looking at a potential CADJPY buy. Are others in on this trade? If so do you think a 78.40 target is a good idea? where do you think is a good place to take profits
  9. aDoes anyone know a good site or software for tracking trading data? I am trying to backtest and see my win rate etc
  10. i would suggest not trading non-farm payrolls. Especially as a beginner. It can be a volatile part of markets, especially in a market environment like the current one. You would need to have a clear understanding of market sentiment and how the market has priced in certain data, then have an idea on how big or small the NFP number is. After that you would be able to have an idea on a position to enter. However, as mentioned, there is a lot of volatility so you would need wide stops as price swings can be big on the release.
  11. Hi Sam In this context the bad NFP number would represent a flight to safe havens. So while price may have initially gone against the US dollar, I feel it would fall sharply soon after ad the USD would gain again. In the case on Friday, the US dollar made immediate gains. However, I now believe that due to numbers reducing in some of the coronavirus hotspots, we will start to see more money flow into risk assets which could mean a weakening dollar this week. I don't think this will be sustained for a long period but i am expecting a change in market sentiment right now. In terms of your question, you have to assess whether risk is priced in or not. Then decide on a direction of the pair once you have made that decision.
  12. Simon Mugo


    Hello Ariff, thanks for reaching out to us. I don't think astrocoin.cash is a legitimate Forex broker. They do not seem to be regulated by any of regulator as they do not specify the same on their website. Regulated brokers usually state the regulators that have licensed them on their home page in order to attract discerning clients.
  13. Ariff


    Hi there can anyone advise that if astrocoin.cash is a legit forex company
  14. Thank you so much for answering! I was wondering about the purpose of that summit. I thought it should be something really important, if so many crypto bosses are taking part at it. I have read that 144 very important personalities were invited to that summit. This number is really impressive! By the way, I have read that numbers have power, and every number is some kind of sign. According to that site https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-144-meaning/ , 144 is a very powerful number with a hidden meaning. It symbolizes something special. I hope that it's a good sign and everything is going to be fine.
  15. Hi Peter, I think that the recent rally in the crude oil markets is likely to experience a slight pullback given before it can continue. Remember that the rally was largely triggered by the expectation that OPEC and its allies will agree to a substantial cut in oil production at their emergency meeting on Monday. Crude oil prices could crash if the countries do not agree to cut their current high production levels. I'm trading oil at the moment and I'm expecting a pullback before the next phase of the rally begins. However, nobody has a crystal ball of the markets, but that's my current view of the oil markets.
  16. Oil has rallied higher for the past three days, is this rally likely to keep going?
  17. Will we see strength in the USD after a bad nfp? because its a haven. or will the bad data in the US make people move to others like the JPY?
  18. Does anyone have a strategy on how to trade this? or is it even good to trade the news release?
  19. Hi Lillian, the recent sale of GE's biopharma unit is great news for the conglomerate as it unlocks significant cashflow that the company can use to reduce its debilitating debt pile. The company has a debt load of about $121 billion and could use up to $20 billion of the $21 billion generated by the sale to pay off some of its outstanding debt. However, GE's problems are far from over given that the company still has ling-term care insurance liabilities from its failed GE Capital business and these will take a while to play out. Some of its core businesses such as GE Power have experienced issues such as the mismanagement of orders and operations that are yet to be fixed. Therefore, I'd advice you to be cautious with GE shares, you could buy a small amount to see how they play out, but the conglomerates future remains in the balance. It will take time for GE to recover its lost glory and you should be aware of this when buying the stock.
  20. I heard that GE recently sold its bio-pharma unit, is it advisable to buy the stock now?
  21. Hi Ali. I think you may be right. We have seen a little strength come into the USD the last few days, however, I feel we could see more. i have been selling the EURUSD this week, although I haven't got the strong move that I would like and may flatten my positions heading into the US weekly jobless claims in the next hour or so. But, I do feel we will see a lot of USD strength coming in again. It is by far the strongest and safest of safe havens and with markets expecting another sell off, im sure we will see safe haven flows again should that occur. It could be that we even see a terrible US jobs number later and that gives the market an impetus to buy currencies such as the USD JPY and CHF again. So to sum up, I thin you are right, but it's all about timing. as they say, being too early is the same as being wrong.
  22. Hi Sam Im currently neutral on this pair (partly because it has stopped me out a couple of times when trying to sell it!!!!). I did initially have a sell side bias but was maybe a little early. I think technically it can definitely get down there. However, I am a macro trader and one thing that concerns me is the amount of risk in the market at the moment. If we start to see a sell off in stocks again, then risk currencies will be sold off. And, as the GBP is acting as a beta currency I would expect it to sell off in times of risk off scenarios. Therefore, although I have an overall bullish view for the GBP and definitely think it can get back down to .84 and even lower at some point, I am reluctant to sell it now just due to the current market environment. I would mention, however, that you have to trade what you see and if you feel it will fall lower then you should trust your own trading rules and strategyfirst and foremost.
  23. Hi Nigel, the halving of mining rewards for Bitcoin on May 6th is likely to trigger a major rally by the top cryptocurrency as it would significantly reduce the future supply of new Bitcoins. Other cryptocurrencies may also benefit from Bitcoin's rally given that many altcoins have lower much lower valuations and could witness much bigger percentage gains than Bitcoin.
  24. Honestly, there is not a big difference between those two, but I have been trading on the CFD market for 5 years now. I think this is the most profitable way to win money and to win your exist—Énce being a trader. I think you should try it, and you have to try to trade on CFD now, as this is a very good way to make a decent income. Me and my brother started to trade on CFD on a small, unknown trading platform and we lost all the money the next day, but we had a lot of burning desire so we started all over, but this time we found a great trading platform that would fit all of our needs. We started to trade on Fondex broker trading platform, because this is the best one and we had the possibility to trade CFD on more than 1000 different markets, with all that we could have Fondex live support help any time we needed. The most important thing is to have a great and useful help from people who knows their job
  25. Where do the pro traders think bitcoin will get to after halving?
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  27. Hi Peter, there are two ways to trade the US ETFs, one is to open a stock trading account with a US broker and trade the ETFs directly from the US exchanges on which they are listed. However, there's another option if you are based outside the US and cannot access a US broker, or if you cannot afford the significant account balances needed to trade such assets directly. You can open an account with a Forex broker who offers trading the US markets in the form of CFDs (contracts-for-differences). You will not be trading the ETFs directly, but you will be trading an instrument whose value is linked to the ETF, that is a derivative. Trading US ETFs via a Forex broker is a great option as such brokers allow traders to trade fractions of such ETFs instead of trading multiple units of the ETF as they would via a stock broker. You can use price action strategies combined with a bit of fundamental news to trade such ETFs.
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