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  2. Stochastics Oscillators are the tool of choice for day traders or those with an aggressive trading style such as scalping. Read our AskTraders guide: https://www.asktraders.com/learn-to-trade/technical-analysis/stochastic-oscillator/
  3. Unfortunately, we have to pay attention to many scams, and what you are talking about is one of them. No, you don't have to pay an amount for IRS income if Astra expert traders want to put your profit into a South African account, depending on when it's like an insurance policy. This is nonsense. I only noticed this since I made my pay stub with the help of a pay stub maker. I noticed that this amount goes to nothing. And since then, I understood that it was a scam, and by law, I solved everything.
  4. I got in contact with them in Feb and since then, it has been success upon success. Forget those fees, it's just a change. If only you work with them with a clean heart. Not everyone who is earning will share the source of their income. Only those who are having challenges will be out there to make noise 🔊
  5. How long have you been trading with them if I may ask? Like I was just coming up to so many red flags it’s made me reluctant to add funds. Plus also there’s little to no information on them online. Why is that.
  6. I have some John Menzies plc shares and couldn't sell before Friday for various reasons. Have I lost all my money? Are there any viable options for me to take in order to get some of my liquidy back? Thanks,
  7. I work at The Finity Group and I sometimese see that people are afraid of losing money because they don't know how to invest. They are doing the right thing not to start investing without proper knowledge. However, if you learn how to invest, it is best to invest your money. On the other hand, if you need to save for something in the long term, it is best to use a bank deposit.
  8. Just want you to know that those fees worth it. Every broker work differently. They trade for you and that broker fee is more like their trade commission.
  9. I have investments with tradersfox and they always keep to their words. I have had an encounter with other brokers and I chose tradersfox over them all. Though you have to pay for signal boost and broker fee towards withdrawal which sounds strange to me at first. But after taking the risk to pay, it was what paid for at last.
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  11. Hi, I’ve been sceptical about tradersfox, but can’t find any information or complaints on them online. I have an account manager that deals with me and it basically works as follows. You deposit an amount of cash and they trade for you for a certain period. Now they’re asking for extra fees to be paid such as trading boost fees so that trades can continue. I mean the profits are insane. Now that it’s time to withdraw the profit they’re asking to deposit a broker fee of 10% of the profit made. Shouldn’t they just take the fee from the profit in the account instead of asking to deposit more money on top of the initial investment and trading boost fees?
  12. sjhall2003


    why can i not trade symbol HLOGF on otcmarkets.com and i emailed 10 times and get no answer????
  13. Many banks offer deposits that can be used as a personal piggy bank and at the same time you can earn a small percentage of the amount that you have invested in this deposit. It is profitable and the risk is practically non-existent in this. However, with investments, you can earn much faster and then almost immediately withdraw your money
  14. In general, saving is always a good idea, but it's never too late to start investing, so I save and invest my finances
  15. What does it mean when the stochastic RSI is low (<20), but the stochastic indicator is in the mid-high range (>50)?
  16. Who in the subject what are the limits real rate Lucky paw (save the street dogs) limited to $14.30 income الكرك, Jordan
  17. Is it very interested how to lift optimal cost Watania working engineering if current $55.00 with $0.01 Monthly dividend! Umdurman, Sudan
  18. People have lost so much in binary options and. Crypto currency many Traders have failed to withdraw their funds and profits made from binary and crypto currency options, failed to use the right strategies when needed, failed to engage with the right broker, not giving their trade a break, also having too many trading accounts which is one of the cause of their lost of funds, deposits of too low or too high amount of funds and most especially, not being able to present the full history of their trade when trying to withdraw their funds and their profits. If you are out there and having problems such as these or you are a beginner, or for a good reason need to raise your standard of living or you have been scammed or you have problems withdrawing your funds and profits made from your recent trades contact him via (carlsomartinez28 @ gmail.com) he will guide you on steps how to get your money back.
  19. The problem with binary options crypto currency forex trade is not that it is a scam in itself. However, when someone who is not knowledgeable tries to trade binary options crypto currency forex trade, he/she will definitely lose money. The problem is that people are very anxious to make money and they don’t take the time to learn the strategy analysis & the accurate time to trade,Need help on how to trade and to get your lost money back from greedy brokers I can show you the easiest way to get your money back and if you are founding it difficult to withdraw I can show you the method i use in withdrawing and for those that lost big money in trading feel free to mail on [email protected] for more info and special guidelines
  20. Still considering whether it would be a good option to choose this robot to advise me on my finances or choose a financial advisor for investing. I am still a novice in investing, but I would like to start investing to secure financial freedom when I retire. I would not want to work all my life for a fixed income and not allow myself to go on vacations. Now, it's hard. I have two jobs to pay for my bills and rent, but I'm gonna do it better because I took some courses in programming, and I will make a lot more money.
  21. Still considering whether it would be a good option to choose this robot to advise me on my finances or choose a financial advisor for investing. I am still a novice in investing, but I would like to start investing to secure financial freedom when I retire.
  22. Si te viste involucrado en un accidente de carro y necesitas un abogado en San Bernardino, ponte en contacto con nosotros cuanto antes. Somos Abogados de Accidentes Ahora, expertos en accidentes de auto en San Bernardino. Contamos con más de 16 años de experiencia acumulada en el campo de batalla, somos latinos como tú, dando la cara por la comunidad latina que somos.
  23. The two terms "equity" and "stock" are closely related in that they both represent the capital or ownership interest owned by a company or asset. Equity is a form of capital invested in a business or an asset representing ownership of a business. Stocks are part of the capital investment made by an investor in a publicly-traded firm. Equity can refer to the ownership interest held by shareholders in the firm or to an interest in an asset, such as property, building, or home. Stocks are portions of a company's capital (or ownership) sold to the general public.
  24. After the presentation of the iPhone 13 line of smartphones, the price of the iPhone 12 dropped sharply in China. The iPhone 12 version with 128 GB of flash memory is now on sale for 4799 yuan or $ 744. This is $310 less than the recommended retail price of the device in the country. It is believed that after the announcement of the iPhone 13, sales of the iPhone 12 series have noticeably decreased. The price of last year's smartphones in the secondary market has also decreased.
  25. Hedging is a term used to describe a strategy that protects traders from adverse movements in currencies such as the USD/CAD pair. A trader might have bought a position in CAD/USD and now wants to protect himself from the possibility that the value of the Canadian Dollar will fall. He can do this by selling some of the CAD/USD position in anticipation of the drop. This is called hedging because he has taken out insurance against the possibility of losing money.
  26. Share capital can be another name for the money invested into the company by stockholders, the difference between equity and share capital is that share capital doesn’t include retained earnings, while equity does.
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