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  4. Anyone know where (if it's actually possible), I can sell shares of Adani, either straight or margin'leveraged? (IG/CMC and IBKR all not offering it). Intrstd to hear, thanks
  5. Hey there! I totally understand where you're coming from with being sceptical about traders forex, especially with not being able to find much information about them online
  6. Yeah, it's always important to trust your instincts and be cautious when handing over control of your assets. You can research and analyze different trading strategies or even consider holding onto the currency long-term.
  7. Swing trading is one of the most common trading styles, along with day trading and position trading. For newcomers, this trading style is less intimidating since it’s less excited than day trading but comfortable enough for dealers to take advantage of the price oscillations. Dealers who favor this kind of trading style generally calculate on swing trading pointers as it’s essential for them to show the support and resistance situations when the trend changes.
  8. Hi, I'm also looking for experienced people on this forum to learn how to trade gold on Forex.
  9. A style of trading known as "social trading" allows investors to see and communicate with other traders' trading techniques.
  10. I don't know what they are aimed at, but to be honest, I don't care about Reddit.
  11. The minimum amount to start trading on the foreign exchange market is about $120.5. Suppose you credit your brokerage account with less than $120.5.
  12. Several of these platforms are permitted to serve American citizens in the U.S. market. Zulutrade's Forex, Collective2, Peertrade, and FXCM
  13. I would also recommend the copy-trading service of Grand Capital. The initial deposit is 100$, but it's worth trying since brings profit.
  14. When I started down the currency trading road, I started with $2,000. But I know cases when I could do it even with $200. So I think it all depends on what kind of coin you buy.
  15. i have been dealing with a broker with tradesprkle but now they want their commission before they release my funds. Is this legit? why can't they take their commission from the profits?
  16. Hello Adam, There are literally thousands of different indicators that swing traders can use. However, I have found the best strategy is a simple one that can be easily followed. I personally follow the Morpheus swing trading strategy (https://morpheustrading.com/best-swing-trading-strategy) because it is based primarily on relative strength and volume, while using moving averages and prior lows/highs for support and resistance levels. It works pretty well for me, but a trading strategy is only as effective if you can be disciplined to follow it closely, without fail.
  17. Manragorn

    Gold EFT Investment

    Have you thought about bank deposits? It do not require the depositor to have any special knowledge about financial instruments. They also have clear dynamics of the growth of funds. You can independently calculate the profit on any date or ask the bank for a schedule of volume changes.
  18. Wie kann man mehrere Positionen immer parallel offen halten? Ich habe eine ganze Reihe von Positionen und möchte sie parallel offenhalten. Ich verwende die folgenden Methoden: - Einmal den Finger in der Mitte des Fensters (zurück) und zwei weitere Positionen nach rechts und links neben dem Finger. - Einmal die Handfläche auf dem Bildschirm platziert und zwei weiteren Positionen nach recht und links neben der Handfläche platziert. - Ein mal die Hände auf dem Bildschirminhalter platziert und zweimal nach oben und unten neben der Hände platziert. Und noch einmal mit den Fingern. Die erste Methode funktioniert leider nicht. Wenn ich die Handfläche oder die Hände platze, wird dieser Punkt nicht parallel gehalten. Aber die zweite Methode funktioniERT! Das Problem war, dass ich mir keinen richtigen Platz für die Hände vorgesehen hatte. Also musste ich etwas finden, was ich benutzen konnte. Also habe ich eine Tischplatte gemacht und ein Stuhl genommen. Dieses Stuhl könnt ihr selbst herstellen. Es gibt viele verschiedene Arten, um einen Stuhl zu bauen. Es gibt aber eine bestimmte Art, die am besten passt. Der Stuhl ist einfach ein Holzklotz, das man in einem Schaumstoffboden legt. Einige Leute schneiden es auch mit einer Schneidebrettmaschine ab. Aber ich habe es mit einem Messer gemacht. So macht man einen Stuhl.
  19. Social trading is the practice of a group of traders freely exchanging and utilizing information. Taurus 2023 Horoscope is good with their money and take good care of their possessions. They are very adept at maintaining their trading plan. Visit https://www.zodiacsigns-horoscope.com/horoscopes/taurus-2023/
  20. I understand that UK REITs must withhold 20% tax on dividend payments. What about Ireland domiciled ETFs listed on LSE that contain UK REITs, such as IUKP.L (iShares UK Property), do they withhold tax on dividends? I contacted iShares with this question but they didn't get back to me. If it makes a difference I am not a UK or Ireland tax resident and invest with Interactive Brokers. Thanks for the help!
  21. Can someone help me to know if www.premiumoptionsfxtrade.com is reliable? I live in Mexico and the company asks me for the IPBC certificate for being a foreign person. This, to be able to withdraw my earnings. Thanks a lot.
  22. Hallo, man kann ja mehrere Positionen gleichzeitig auf verschiedenen Kursen öffnen, doch kann ich auch mehrere für den selben Kurs öffnen? Oder sind die dann "doppelt" erzielten Gewinne nicht legitim?
  23. I'm using chandelier exit +stochastic +macd in 1min time frame. The candle stick is normal Japanese stick and I change the chandelier exit settings into 1 and 1.85 .am I doing correct or not in forex
  24. A Bracket Order is a special type of order through which the stoner can take anintra-day position and take advantage of redundant exposure while being defended through a stop loss order and a profit ideal( profit booking) order. The system will place three orders contemporaneously a limit order( 1st leg), a corresponding stop loss request order which would only get touched off at the specified stop loss detector price( 2nd leg), and a matching profit ideal limit order which only get touched off at the specified profit objective price( 3rd leg). still, the stop loss order gets executed as a request order and the 3rd leg( the profit objective order) automatically gets cancelled, If the stop loss detector price is hit. also, if the profit objective detector price gets hit, the stop loss automatically gets cancelled. The combination of all three of these orders being placed contemporaneously is known as a Bracket order. type Orders help you limit any implicit losses that could be incurred on a position while also allowing you book gains at your specified target
  25. Stochastics Oscillators are the tool of choice for day traders or those with an aggressive trading style such as scalping. Read our AskTraders guide: https://www.asktraders.com/learn-to-trade/technical-analysis/stochastic-oscillator/
  26. Unfortunately, we have to pay attention to many scams, and what you are talking about is one of them. No, you don't have to pay an amount for IRS income if Astra expert traders want to put your profit into a South African account, depending on when it's like an insurance policy. This is nonsense. I only noticed this since I made my pay stub with the help of a pay stub maker. I noticed that this amount goes to nothing. And since then, I understood that it was a scam, and by law, I solved everything.
  27. I got in contact with them in Feb and since then, it has been success upon success. Forget those fees, it's just a change. If only you work with them with a clean heart. Not everyone who is earning will share the source of their income. Only those who are having challenges will be out there to make noise ?
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