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  1. Definitely do not trust them. In terms of getting the money back it will be very hard. I have seen that there are some things you can try such as leaving terrible reviews of them on FX review websites (there may be a way to do that here on AskTraders, but check others as well). First tell them you will be leaving terrible reviews online unless they give you the money back, then if they don't give it back to you start to leave the reviews. You could threaten some sort of legal action, although i'm not sure they will take any notice as financial authorities never seem to do anything in these situations. Other than that i'm not sure there is too much else that can be done to be honest, sorry. For brokers I would suggest checking out IG markets. I'm not sure if they are available in Romania but they are a very reputable broker in the UK so worth a try. Hopefully all goes well and you are able to recover your money. If you have anymore questions then just ask... Good luck!
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