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  1. This is it but i dont know whether they have changed their profile picture or not but the main thing i know that its a fake picture of somebody else downloaded from somewhere on the net and they are using it for their purpose so dont get fooled they are scammers and inform all of their clients about it please i dont want anyone to lose money and also inform google to remove their website and break their buisness scammers are everywhere even in facebook dont believe them if you can inform facebook to remove their accounts dont lose your money beware of scammers tell others also to stay away from these type of scammers ok
  2. No i did nt send 500$ i blocked them they are scam my manager was christianna thomas they use fake names all are same person they avoid revealing their real identity i can even send you the profile picture of whatsapp if you want you dont have to think twice they are scam dont give money anymore dont lose your money and dont let them go just report them to police cyber criminals ok
  3. Scam my friend dont give i lost my 100$ they told me that i have to pay 500$ as a withdrawl fee to get my profit after 7 days but i found out that it is scam dont give my friend please report about their scam buisness to police or online police and destroy their scam buisness dont give your money they are a scam i had been also cheated by them recently dont get cheated her broker manager is a bitch or motherfucker is a scammer i have also invested 100$ on them so i know they are scammer avoid such scammer please dont think twice just dont give them the money 250$ please report about their website to police please please please
  4. Is HotForex a legit or scam? Can you please look into the matter and tell me please?
  5. Friend can you please tell me a broker who would trade for me and manage my account and is legit are there any such broker which is not a scam?
  6. Can you check and please tell me whether bitcoinvest.co.in a scam or legit?
  7. Please can you look more into livetrades247.com as they are asking me that i have to pay 500$ as occ (operation currency converter) fee to get profit on 100$ which i have invested 6 days earlier now when the time of withdrawl comes i have to pay 500$ as occ fee to get my profit should i pay or not can you please look into the matter please friend help me i already have been cheated by a cryptobroker recently so i dont want it to happen again so please help me ?????
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