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  1. Is HotForex a legit or scam? Can you please look into the matter and tell me please?
  2. Friend can you please tell me a broker who would trade for me and manage my account and is legit are there any such broker which is not a scam?
  3. Can you check and please tell me whether bitcoinvest.co.in a scam or legit?
  4. Please can you look more into livetrades247.com as they are asking me that i have to pay 500$ as occ (operation currency converter) fee to get profit on 100$ which i have invested 6 days earlier now when the time of withdrawl comes i have to pay 500$ as occ fee to get my profit should i pay or not can you please look into the matter please friend help me i already have been cheated by a cryptobroker recently so i dont want it to happen again so please help me 😫🙏🙏💓?
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