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  1. The top ETFs in the homebuilders’ sector are: (ITB) iShares US Home Construction ETF ITB ETF gives you an exposure to US firms whose niche is manufacturing residential homes. The ETF does this through keeping track of the US select Home Construction Index of the Dow Jones. This ETF has a 45-stock basket. (XHB) SPDR S&P Home Builders ETF Among the most popular picks within the homebuilding sector, XHB ETF concentrates on following The Homebuilders’ Select Industry Index on the S&P. In its portfolio are 35 stocks that have an equally weighted 5% exposure each. (PKB) Invesco Dynamic Building and Construction ETF. This ETF has a basket of 30 stocks, with each stock taking a 5.2% share of the ETF’s exposure. PKB ETF has taken a strategy that involves following The Dynamic Building and Construction Intellidex Index. These products credit their apex position to the prevention of company specific risks. They give investors top diversification and an avenue to reduce volatility.
  2. Hi Brian, To summarize what Justin said above, fading in day trading involves buying and selling instruments multiple times within a day. This plan is often used by experienced traders, knowledgeable in risks involved, going against normal predictable trading practices. In other words, it is going against the norm, often referred to as counter-trend trading. It features opposite positions after strong market momentum movements. A fading in day trading strategy example is the “Dogs of Dow” move. The strategy features buying with a decline in prices and selling when they increase. This plan is unpredictable, but offers short-term profits. Among neophytes, or those without a well-planned out plan, it can be a risky venture. This strategy rests on the fact that a market has factored in all data and the later stages of certain moves are driven by traders who are slow in reaction, leading to enhanced probability of reversals on initial thrusts.
  3. Hi Walter, Guerilla trading is a short trading strategy aimed at swift gains with minimal risks. On average, it only takes several minutes and involves the repetition of minor transactions multiple times in a single trading session. This method is faster than scalp and day trading. Because of the short-term mindset, investors depend on advanced systems for technical analysis. This may include tick charts for identifying market entry and exit spots. Owing to its limited returns and high trading volume, this technique requires low spreads and fees. That makes it ideal for forex trading, particularly currency pairs with high liquidity. Capping profits on unprofitable positions is a necessary skill for guerilla traders, hence, making this method unsuitable for newbies.
  4. A contract for Difference (CFDs) is a contract between a trader and a broker, where the difference in the asset value (from the time of opening the contract to the time of its closure) is exchanged. That way, investors can access assets at cheaper prices than when they buy the assets. The flexibility and leverage in CFDs mean investors can enhance their returns when their stock market prediction turns out correct. But do CFDs influence stock prices? CFDs increase or decrease in value as the stock in which they’re based rise or fall in value. For instance, if you buy a CFD of let’s say coca-cola stock, and the value of the stock shares increases, then your CFD will also get a rise in value. Conversely, if the value of Coca-Cola stock shares falls, your CFD’s value will also fall. Therefore, CFDs don’t influence stock prices; they only respond to the price changes.
  5. How do I make money from Bitcoin HODling?
  6. Hi there, Can someone guide me on the top Cryptocurrency indices?
  7. Hi there, Just wanted to know if GLD ETF, one of the most popular ETFs has remained resilient during this pandemic season? Is it still a good investment option?
  8. Hi Penninah, Mining bitcoin is perfectly legal, in most cases, anyway. However, in some countries, mining, possession, and transactions involving bitcoins are illegal. Legal Bitcoin Mining In some most countries possession and mining of bitcoin is legal. Often, bitcoin is treated as an asset and not as a currency. Therefore, just like any other property, bitcoin attracts legal protection. Illegal Bitcoin Mining Some jurisdictions believe bitcoin mining resembles counterfeiting money. Mining cryptocurrencies is also viewed as undermining governments by offering a non-state-controlled currency. Furthermore, malicious viruses and illegal power connections have been used to access venerable computers to apply their processors in bitcoin mining. This is illegal in any jurisdiction worldwide. In Russia, bitcoin mining and possession is banned. Anti-bitcoin sentiments lie in economic crisis Russia is going through, amid suctions over Ukraine and low crude oil prices. Ecuador explicitly makes it illegal to produce digital currencies, although she has launched her own crypto. Ecuador’s ban rests on preventing a competing crypto against her own. Iceland prohibits mining and trading in bitcoins. Her economy suffered painfully after the Great Recession. As such, authorities ring-fenced the kroner against external pressure, including a ban on cryptos.
  9. Hi there, The crude oil market has been highly volatile in the last number of weeks. How is this likely to affect the Forex market?
  10. Hi there, When a potential issue arises, and the same digital funds go to two recipients concurrently, that is double-spending. It is an attempt to spend one digital currency amount twice, creating a duplicate transaction. Double spending is an obstacle digital currency must resolve to ensure the currency is not abused, thereby ensuring it maintains its trust and value. Such a system would call for countermeasures, in the form of protocols, to verify the payment you have received has not been spent elsewhere. A solution came in the form of a bitcoin white paper that eventually become known as a blockchain. Essentially, this blockchain represents a database with unique properties. A participant, or node, runs a software enabling them to synchronize their database copy with peers. It ends in the entire network auditing transactions going back to the original block. As such, public access to blockchain enables easy detection, and prevention, of fraudulent double-spending.
  11. Hi Mohammed, With most countries going on lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to either pause operations or work from home when applicable. Since then, work-from-home platforms have increasingly become popular among employees. Zoom Video Communications and Slack Technologies are both work-from-home companies. Founded in 2011, Zoom is an easy to use platform for group messaging, simple online meetings, and cloud video conferencing across different devices. Slack is also a workplace communication tool and has an instant messaging system with many add-ins for other tools in the workplace. While both communication platforms connect employees, allowing them to work from home, they’ve been the biggest beneficiaries of the COVID-19, with stocks rising steadily since the beginning of lockdown as most people join the platforms. When lockdown stops, sending a signal that the battle against the coronavirus is being worn, most businesses that are currently operating from home are expected to allow employees back to the offices. That way, the heavy reliance on Zoom and Slack will slow down and significantly cause a fall in the stock market. Since most businesses have found these tools to be reliable, and have realized they can cut costs by allowing employees to work from home, they may continue using them long past the end of lockdown. Also, some businesses might wait until the pandemic ends before they resume normalcy, allowing employees to continue working from home. As such, zoom and slack, however little, will continue to gain even after the lockdown. So, don’t expect a huge fall in stock.
  12. Hello Joachim, An ETF is a relatively new investment invention launched in the United States in 1993. An excellent channel to invest in the stock market is through investing across a wide index. A good way to do this, at a low cost, is using ETFs. ETFs trace indices on the stock market. You can trade ETFs by using online brokers or the conventional brokers. Among the top ETF brokerages are Fidelity investments, Lyxor, TD Ameritrade, ETF Securities, db-X Trackers, Vanguard, and iShares. If for instance, we take the United Kingdom stock market, you may go for three indices that are tracked by 19 ETFs. Covered by the FTSE-100 index are 12 ETFs. The MSCI World index has seventeen ETFs gracing the market. The FTSE All-Share index, on the other hand, has three ETFs. ETFs on these indices have a total expense ratio – TER, ranging between 0.07% and 0.33% per annum. Other than prospective returns, there are several issues for consideration as you go about vetting an ETF on the FTSE-100. With these factors, you create a sound basis for decision making. Among these factors are determining replication methods as ranked by fund size, fund domicile, size, application of profits, age, and costs. For more information about ETFs and other investment options, you can subscribe to our newsletter where you will get accurate and timely updates from our experts.
  13. Hi there, I have decided to join the Forex trading arena. Which are the most profitable currencies right now?
  14. Hi there, Its my first investing in ETFs. I don't trust myself with the dividends because I end up using them in things I hadn't even planned. Is there a way I can sign up to have the dividends automatically reinvested in the ETFs because this way I wont have to handle them?
  15. Hi Penninah, Stock prices are wildly fluctuating due to a Covid-19 induced slowdown. This volatility makes it hard to determine whether this is the right time to invest. The answer seems to change from one moment to the next. You may decide to sell all you have and hide undercover till the pandemic is over. Or, you could play the good game and be greedy while others are fearful. Roll With The Legend Warren Buffet is among the richest people on earth for a reason. His consistency in capitalising on bear markets, through investing heavily during declines as others sold off, has made him so. Sometimes, bears could be quite cute and profitable. Let this pandemic bear be your opportunity to amass wealth. Stock valuations make a critical component of any investing process. Simply pick stocks that promise to survive the pandemic and jump in. Ignore The Doom And Groom Hype The media often talks about market losses as if they are the doom of the world. These market losses have not stopped markets from dramatically compounding wealth over long periods. You need not fear bear markets and corrections. Instead, embrace them. Finally, as we noted earlier, this is a highly fluid market more so in these Covid-19 times. To keep up to date with expert advice, check our newsletter which contains the current happenings in the markets . This will help you make an informed and wise decision.
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