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  1. Hi, You determine if TCM trading is a scam by subjecting it to basic industry tests. Tests involve looking for brokerage information. Look up CEO trustworthiness, full identity, and previous fraudulent associations, if any. Scams often avoid ownership information disclosure. Find out who is in management and who runs the brokerage, concentrating on qualifications and experience. Ensure they have a headquartered office presence you can visit and make inquiries and a launch date. Confirm platform legal status, registration with requisite regulators, and who to sue when things go awry. Most important of all, make a comprehensive research about the platform, ownership, and management in online platforms. Concentrate on industry forums and blogs. A scam will have numerous negative sentiments in online platforms.
  2. Hello Myles, Scalping is a quick way to earn money thanks to its short trading periods. Even so, you can lose your capital at the same speed if your timing is wrong. Here are some of the windows scalpers should maximize. 7:00-8:00 EST European markets remain choppy while traders await the commencement of the NY market. Adding to the rough conditions are option inquiries, news, and European statistical reports released at 4 am. This state is perfect for scalpers exploiting slight oscillations on both sides. 8:00-10:00 EST This period is characterized by sudden directional swings courtesy of the open London, Frankfurt, and NY. markets. Although scalpers have the potential for huge profits, a slight miscalculation at this time may erase all the gains from other positions. 15:00-19:00 EST This period contains two parts. From 3-5 pm, the first phase is ideal for traders seeking to maximize their profits using the volatility from the US banks that are yet to close. Conversely, the 5-7 pm phase offers directionless swings that are easy to exploit. Moments when the market is subdued are less favorable for scalping. You don’t want to be trading when a currency’s price has taken a sideways pattern.
  3. Hi Earnest, While traders would hope for a forex trading software that suits all their needs all the time, unfortunately, such software doesn’t exist. Your best software, however, will meet most of your trading requirements. But before you settle on a forex trading software, here are some of the factors to consider: • Reliability- The platform must be very stable, not crashing or freezing when you’re trading. • User-friendly interface- The software should allow for easy overall navigation, making you open and open and close trade faster. • Analysis tools- Help you make informed trading decisions. • Data security- You wouldn’t want your data to be compromised or lost • Automated trading- Automatic trading not only limit human errors but also ease the trading process. Meta Trader 4 While there are many popular trading software in the market, the Meta Trader 4 is trusted by many traders who also consider it the best trading software. The powerful trading software, which suites both advanced traders and complete beginners, is equipped with API that lets you implement your automated trading strategies. Since it’s available in many operating systems, Meta Trader 4 is easily accessible on various devices ( PCs, phones, and tablets) making It one of the most reliable trading software. It also uses RSA digital signatures and data encryption to keep your data safe.
  4. Hi Cedric Below learn all about Forex scalping, its legality, and if its good for you. Forex scalping is a trading strategy that entails buying and selling of currencies quickly, aiming at making small profits (between 5 to 20 pips per trade) severally within a day. Due to the liquidity and volatility of the forest market, scalpers try to maximize the opportunities provided by foreign exchange quotes as much as possible. When a trader maintains a consistent scalping process, whether manual or automated, she can get a stable profit. Manual scalping involves observing the market movements to determine the right moments to trade. In automatic scalping, however, a computer is programmed a specific strategy it uses to trade on behalf of the scalper. Is Scalping Forex for You? Since scalping entails constant analysis and placement of multiple orders that can prove quite overwhelming, your participation will depend on how much time you have and your willingness to do scalping. In addition, you must be quick enough to make predictions, and open and close positions within a short time, usually for seconds or minutes. Good Scalping Practices With the ability to maximize profits comes the possibility of incurring heavy losses. So, learn to trade small, putting a maximum loss you can’t exceed. Traders should target only the most liquid pairs (such as GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and USD/JPY) because they have the highest trading volume and the tightest spread. Tighter spread lets you enter the market more frequently. Also, focus on the busiest time of the day since they’re the most liquid. To avoid diluting your income with high costs, emphasize on trading only low spread instruments. Is Scalping Legal? Forex scalping is considered 100% legal, no matter the market or region you’re trading. However, it’s not always allowed, and brokers may disallow or limit how it is done.
  5. Hi Philip, According to the United States Government, counterfeits have flooded the e-marketplace. Amazon has faced lawsuits, and significant brands left its platform, blaming the platform for ineffective regulations to fight counterfeits. Amazon would want to keep all stakeholders happy, and they have had the headache of deciding how to monitor every product on their colossal marketplace. For e-commerce giants like Amazon, trust has to be earned and once lost, regaining it is tough. To counter counterfeits, Amazon would be forced to do away with the third-party marketplace, but given this market's importance to the giant's growth, that's unlikely. To fix this issue, Amazon has patented its distributed ledger-based system to provide consumer goods with authenticity. Amazon has clarified in its patent that Hyperledger may be one of the DLTs in use. This patent says the blockchain application fortifies products with digital trust throughout the chain of an item, from the first mile of the supply chain to the last. A patent filing does not have to indicate that the patenting firm is applying certain technologies. Amazon's blockchain compiles assorted data from manufacturers, shippers, and distributors within an open framework. Results include item attribution throughout information silos. The customer subsequently has access to the neat packaging of the resulting data. Such pieces of patchwork technologies fail in encompassing international chains of supply. Amazon thus grew wary and critical regarding such chains. At stake are Amazon's couriers who last year delivered 3.5 billion products, 46% of the US e-commercial total. Results from a morning consult poll reveal 39% of respondents trust Amazon even more after the patenting. Us Postal Service who deliver 30% of Amazon's products highly applauded the move. Blockchains protects product data against malicious alteration. DLTs remove every single point of failure. Similarly, DLTs do away with central authority management challenges, such as bottlenecks.
  6. Hi there, Bitcoin has been trading sideways after rallying throughout April 2020. In comparison, a little-known small crypto has soared a mind-boggling 230% over the period to end of May 2020. This new kid on the crypto block is not even among the top 30 tokens by value. Ethereum's token OmiseGO, trading as OMG, and which powers a smart contraction platform, has risen sharply. This is after San Francisco based exchange Coinbase agreed to list the token. Many cryptocurrency analysts are worried prices could be pointing downwards prior to a rally. However, a number of cryptos, like OmiseGO, have out-performed the greater cryptos. Some analysts were of the opinion that bitcoin price was headed for a crush post third halving. However, many have confidence bitcoin will eventually soar. In the meantime, OmiseGO has the floor. At the moment, OMG is still low compared to its highest $30 per token it had attained back in late 2017. That was while crypto and bitcoin mania swept the world. Never the less, OMG has attained a 234% price rise, with investors glorifying in its recent Coinbase listing. Reasons Behind OMG Soaring Price First off is the good old price pump that is the Coinbase listing. OmiseGO price rose sharply the moment it's listing on Coinbase news hit the crypto market. Again, Coinbase, the biggest US crypto and bitcoin exchange, allowed Coinbase Pro traders to make inbound OMG transfers. Coinbase also announced it would give OmiseGO a full listing in each of its markets except New York State. All these factors coming together enable Coinbase customers and traders store, receive, send, convert, sell, or buy OMG. Close Trailers Other smaller cryptos, like Tezos and Chainlink, have rallied too, pushed higher by demand arising from their decentralized financial platforms. For now, however, OmiseGO tops them all market-wise.
  7. The oil prices have been highly fluctuating. How does this affect global trading?
  8. What is a fake trading volume in Crypto and what purpose does it serve?
  9. Hello Smith, The global panic over coronavirus has triggered the stock market crash, putting most business activities on hold. For investors, such market crashes are scary, considering their impacts on finances. While market falls are unavoidable, you can prepare for them in advance and save funds when they happen. Start by taking advantage of good businesses with minimal debt to equity ratio, attractive returns on equity, and real profit. Such enterprises are stress-resilient and are more likely to recover even after a massive market fall. So, rather than panic-selling during a crash, you can relax knowing that you will eventually recoup your money. You can even buy more shares during the fall since the shares are at their lowest price, then hold as you wait for recovery. Similarly, when you hold onto your basket of stocks, you avoid unnecessary fees that would dilute your wins. You can also have a backup plan where you build other cash generators such that even if the market is doing poorly, your other investments are pouring money into your accounts. Also, find an investment formula that works for you and stick to it no matter the market condition. That way, you don’t make unnecessary emotional sales when the market hits rock bottom. Finally, you can re-balance your portfolio once the market gets calm. Most likely, your investment portfolio will get imbalanced after a volatile market period. Re-balancing puts your asset allocation back on target.
  10. Jeremy

    Frauds in Forex

    Hey Sophia, Scammers penetrate all trades and Forex isn't spared either. The best way to identify a Forex scammer is if they guarantee a huge profit with negligible or no financial risk to you. A scammer hooks you by making an offer quite attractive. Remember that free cheese is the mousetrap. Do not fall for a fake Forex investment scam. Such a hoax involves an advert promoting phony trades in Forex investments and counterfeit investment funds in Forex. You fall for the scam when you send in your money, hoping for an investment where you sit back and enjoy huge returns. With a Forex robot sham, you would be enticed to work with Forex robots. They are trading programs, Forex computer code, or algorithms. They create technical signals for exiting or entering trades. Forex Signal vendors send you trading ideas, such as entry price, stop loss, direction, currency pairs, and target levels. Most of these ideas happen to be false.
  11. Hi there, The world started by frowning upon cryptocurrencies. However, as we speak, it is now legal in almost all countries. In light of this, do you think crypto will replace fiat currencies in the future?
  12. Hi Kerry, So far, a gold downside has seen protection from Central Banks. They wish to avoid a run on currencies replay. As such, bond purchasing, swap lines, and direct financing, among others, will take place to stop a similar dash for currencies seen in March. However, should the pandemic healthcare see an alleviation or get resolved, then all bets would be off. In such a scenario, the market would dump gold and rush into risk assets. A remedy, a vaccine, or the mere lack of a major flare-up, would create such a scenario. Gold works as an excellent hedge against risks that have beset the market. Gold represents an avenue for purchasing power protection, an erosion of which was triggered by aggressive central bank monetary easing. It also offers protection against risks arising from the pandemic. Other, but no lesser, market risks include a simmering China-US trade war, and the upcoming US Presidential election, and associated political risks. When all these market risks are viewed collectively, a position in SPDR Gold shares offers a significant degree of reliability. GLD is a straight forward ETF product. Bullion is safely secured in vaults. Therefore, ETF prices move in step with spot gold prices.
  13. Hi there, I am thinking homebuilder ETFs are still a good bet. What do you think and which are the best right now?
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