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  1. Explain to me what is intraday trading in CFD.
  2. Explain the leverage best for Forex trades.
  3. Explain to me about the automated trading platform in Forex.
  4. Elvis

    What is a Commodity ETF?

    Explain what is a Commodity ETF.
  5. Help me understand what are the international ETF.
  6. The current global market is making huge advancements to create a digital eco-system. Fund transfers are now becoming paperless. Cryptocurrency is the newest in the digital payment sector and is showing a lot of potentials. With the current rate of advancement, most people agree that the best is yet to come. This medium of exchange has several aspects that deem it the best digital payment method. In the recent past, Bitcoin has slowly made its way into the tech industry. Huge firms such as Dell and Microsoft are now accepting cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. As a result, there will emerge the need for a new line of profession where many people will get employment as miners, Blockchain builders, and other crypto-related position. The demand for crypto miners is expected to rise over the next few years, which guarantees job opportunities. The use of cryptocurrencies is fraud-proof as all transactions are stored in a public ledger, and the identities of the owners are properly encrypted to ensure that there is accurate record keeping. It is a direct line since no bank or government has regulatory rights over it. Blockchain technology is the safest digital wallet as it is well encrypted to make it unhackable and free of fraud. Blockchain technology gives tech industries a variety of ways to transfer funds, make agreements through smart contracts, and track cargo being transport via a blockchain ledger, reducing cases of loss of valuable goods. In a nutshell, the crypto industry has many advantages, which make it the best digital payment method. Blockchain technology is fast, simple, and secure, as the transactions are tough to forge. Using smart contracts (small-to-medium businesses), SMBs can generate, authenticate, and approve deals to suppliers, clients, or customers. You do not have to worry about high transaction fees, theft, and service providers placing your payment on hold.
  7. Help me know what I should consider when choosing a social trading broker.
  8. Help me understand how does copy trading differ from social trading.
  9. Explain how social trading can impact my business.
  10. What makes social trading the future.
  11. Outline the disadvantages of social trading.
  12. Help me understand the platforms I can use for crypto social trading?
  13. Outline the best penny stock to buy change constantly.
  14. Help me understand what to do with price spikes and price dip in.
  15. Explain the the features of a futures contract.
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