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  1. Thanks all.. this discussion helps me to get better understanding of livetrades247.com as I have been approached by them recently and was promising a profit of $700 in 2 days by a mere investment of $100, with no fees on the first trade for new accounts.
  2. Please can you help to look into coinprofitbase.com. I recently traded with them, and I was going to get returns after 3 days. But the account manager , after the end of 3 days says that the account has been promoted by promos and so it will get high returns, however to withdraw the amount need to pay $700 to the company. Now the question is investment of $100 and on top of that asking to pay the company an amount of $700, for a promo, which is supposed to be an offer rather than being a service. Can someone please help me understand if it is legit or fake ?
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