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  1. As the largest currency exchange market in the world, which spans over multiple regions, Forex is vulnerable to many infractions, and in many areas, it is completely unregulated. This paves the way to many types of frauds and gray areas, where many of the Forex traders get scammed and lose their money. As the majority of traders in Forex are retail traders, the largest risk remains in the unchecked and uncontrolled Forex broker community. There are many brokers that haven’t been certified, which creates a risk for traders.
  2. Hi, I would like to learn more about hedging in Forex.
  3. Hello, thank you for your question! Trading communities are forums where traders can interact with each other or with other more experienced traders. Online trading community offers an enhanced experience when it comes to trading to provide its members with advice, tips, and tricks. Other than this, these platforms are excellent starting places, where new traders can gather a lot of knowledge that will help them get started in the trading world. There are some trading communities that offer interaction with experienced traders that will provide you with advice and guidance in the trading world, or in some cases can place trades in your name, usually for a fee. Another advantage of a trading community is that it brings you together with other investors, and you can brainstorm together, share updates, news, figure out the best trading strategy, or work out the predictions. When you are just getting started, you can mirror and copy the trades that more experienced traders are placing, and by following them you can learn the ropes of the trade. Nowadays, social trading or trading communities are becoming more and more involved in the general trading world, making a huge impact on the value of a single stock, or a price of an asset, and all of this comes from the speculations done in these forums.
  4. Hello, I would like to learn how to read the stock charts?
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