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  1. @Mohammed Abdullah I tend to trade flag breaks on the direction of the trend. So for example when price holds up a little at a certain level, when it breaks that level I will enter on the break with my stop at below or above the other side. I will send a pic outlining my strategy for all to see. Maybe by Monday or something.
  2. Price hit my initial TP! So annoyed! Seems as though we could break this trend line. Any targets your looking at @Jon Steeler? More downside you think?
  3. I didn't hold it for long enough (one of my issues) closed my position at 1655. might try and get back in again. Not sure thats a good idea though, dont want to chase.
  4. Also got a sell entry on the one hour pull back this morning.
  5. Hi sam. you might be right, price seems to be struggling to break through the 1700 level. I may try to get a sell entry here somewhere. looking to take it all the way down to the 1580 level I think. Before i start looking for buy entries once more.
  6. I wanted to start a thread for anybody trading gold. For everyone to get insights and ideas on where they think it will move, how or even learn how to trade it. I am looking for it to now move towards the 1700 level and would love thoughts and ideas below. All ideas from people of all levels welcome...
  7. Djamel Brahimi


    UK economy and GBP to be affected by coronavirus spread?
  8. What is a better platform for charts only, TradingView or ThinkorSwim?
  9. Djamel Brahimi


    How far will Silver fall if it breaks its current trendline?
  10. Djamel Brahimi


    Will the European economy and the Euro be affected by the coronavirus?
  11. I want to know if anyone has any successful strategies when trading FX?
  12. Hi Nick. I want to firstly say that I am a macro trader. And so, I don't really focus too much on the technical aspect on charts. However, my opinion on the pair is that we will see it head lower first. Reasons being are that we have just seen the potential for a BoE rate cut at the next meeting fall, which means traders and investors will now have to price in a lower chance of a cut at the next meeting. Another reason is, of course, Brexit. Now that the withdrawal agreement has passed, the UK can focus on trade deals. Of cours with the EU but also with other countries. And I believe they will be starting talks with Japan soon. We have also seen talks of investment flowing back into the country which will only be good for the GBP. So all in all, i think the reasons above will strengthen the GBP, especially in the long term. I don't expect us to get towards 0.90 at all. Although who knows, I could be wrong, markets are funny that way.
  13. As a long term/swing trader, i don't believe day trading is a good idea for someone that is new to the industry (which sounds like you are). However, if you are persistent in wanting to day trade, i would suggest looking at the hourly. Trading can be fast paced and you don't want to constantly get stopped out on big swings in the lower timeframes. If possible, try and expand further to the 4 hour and daily to begin with, get comfortable and understand the markets better, then lower your timeframes.
  14. You can't really no for sure in these instances, but i do have my own reasons. I believe it is because of the overall macro picture. We have seen an escalation in fears regarding the coronavirus. And, because of those fears we will see capital flows into safe havens. The euro is more of a safe haven than the GBP and so we saw it weaken overall today.
  15. Djamel Brahimi


    Whether the Bank of Canada will cut rates or not is impossible to know for sure. However, their last statement did open the door for a rate cut or rate cuts. So, in light of that it means that the markets will start to price in a higher chance of a rate cut, and we can already see that the CAD has lost some ground against other currencies. Should the BoC come out with a more hawkish stance, we will see the reverse and the CAD will strengthen again. That is not the only thing that is weakening the CAD right now. We can also put some of it down to the weaker oil prices of late.
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