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Jon Steeler

What Macro Events Should I Be Watching To Help Me Improve My Trading?


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At this moment in time it seems that the markets are moving with any rumour comment or news that is released, so it is quite difficult to keep your eye on everything going on but with some focus on key macro events happening at the moment this should help to give you an edge indoor trading.

The main ongoing event that you should definitely be watching at this current time is the trade war between the US and China. Just this week there has been some key events that have happened and these have definitely had a hand in the direction in which the currency markets move, if you had been aware of these it would help you to make an informed decision on which way you trade the market you are looking at.

Depending on whether you trade the GBP Brexit is also another major macro event that I would advise keeping close eye on. It seems that the pound trades only on whether the market sees any positives or negatives in Brexit these days.

There are some other not so major issues elsewhere but for the moment these are the two main events ongoing, If you watch out for any news regarding them then you should have a better idea of where the markets and more importantly the relative currency pairs may be heading.

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