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Lillian McKenna

Will the ruling in favor of Trump's Twitter critics affect other politicians?


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A recent decision by the US Court of Appeal upheld the ruling by a lower court, which found that President Donald Trump violated the first amendment rights of some of his Twitter followers by blocking them from commenting on his tweets.

The move was hailed by civil liberties campaigners, but it might have far-reaching consequences on American politicians and public officials who use their social media accounts to disseminate public information.

The judges found that President Trump used his Twitter account for official purposes, hence the public had a right to comment on his posts without being blocked from accessing them.

The ruling is likely to result in more lawsuits against politicians who have blocked their critics from commenting on their posts as it has set a new standard in the determination of such matters.

David Green, a civil liberties expert explained: “There’s really no dispute now, that social media accounts [for public officials and public offices] as they are commonly used, create some type of forum in which the public has a right to participate.”

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