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How can I predict movement in the Forex market during a short-term period?


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Hello Danny,

Every forex trader's goal is to predict the future market price in the movement of the currency pairs accurately. However, it is not easy because the Forex market is affected by many different factors.
One factor that may affect this prediction is the time frame. Exchange rate movements in the short-term are affected by varying factors relative to those in the long-term.
Technical analysis is one way you can predict market movement in the short-term. The technical study aims to spot a trend in the market movement during its initial stages and therefore place a trade-in that direction until this trend changes. This is the most popular method to predict a trend in the market movement.
Sentiment surveys are another tool used to predict the market in the short-run. It recognizes the opinions of the participants in the market so that it can foresee the price movements.
The futures market is also used to anticipate the movement in price in the short-run. It pinpoints how the cost of currency futures moves.
Order flows also affect the prices of the currencies in a short time.

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