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How can I keep my cryptocurrency safe?



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Hello Kelvin,
Keeping your crypto safe as an investor is usually your responsibility. It is, therefore, essential for you to learn how to keep them safe before you start investing in them. This is generally different from the standard currencies since the government and other institutions are responsible for protecting them.
One way you can protect your crypto is by using two-factor authentication (2FA). 2FA plays a crucial role in protecting your crypto wallet. You are required to record two identification layers so that you can access your account. In case a hacker gets one of your passwords, they will still be required to provide another one so that they can access your account.
It would help if you also considered using other types of wallets, such as the hardware wallet to store your cryptocurrency. Most cryptocurrency investors use online and mobile wallets to store their cryptocurrencies. These wallets are prone to cybercrimes. Hardware wallets are a good option since you can access your funds even when you are offline and highly protected. 
It would help if you also comprehended the differences between cold and hot wallets. These wallets will give you different security levels. Cold wallets offer you better security since they are not connected to the internet. On the other hand, hot wallets are connected to the internet, and therefore, they are more prone to hackers.
You can also use a strong password to protect your cryptocurrencies. It would be best if you didn't share your password with anyone and also avoid using the same password for different logins.
Allowing only the permitted devices to access your wallet is another way you can strengthen your crypto wallet security.
Cryptocurrencies are decentralized, and therefore you owe yourself your security.

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