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Pre-market analysis | Prepare for the day ✌🏻

Rishabh Tyagi


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27 (Wed) Sep 




Screenshot (1755).png

Screenshot (1756).png

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31 (Wed) May  (2/2)

Markets are overbought. Any negative news can trigger strong selling in the stocks. Tech companies are leading the market, taking some weak stocks along with them.

If markets remain positive, we'll see gap-ups and mostly sideways moves, not good for day trading. 

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Posted (edited)

06 (Thu) Jul     

- TSLA, NIO, SNAP and WFC are positive. For confirmation, you can wait for them to break yesterday's high.

- AMD, CSCO, and GDX are looking weak.

- Yesterday,  NFXL closed with bearish reversal candle.


Screenshot (1127).png

Screenshot (1128).png

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