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Am I doing this correctly



Hi guys

I'm new to this whole trading thing and I'd like to know if someone can look over what I typically trade and tell me if you see any glaring errors in my calculations or unnecessary risks.



I'm using a 100K demo trading view account

Unfortunately there is a glitch with these demo accounts where they let you trade an unlimited amount.

Trading Dow 30 indices 

I'm taking a position with an approx total $1,000,000 (28 units x 35k each)

This is to simulate a 50k trading account on a 20:1 leverage as is the limit on CFD trading in France (I believe).

I set my stop loss at 10 ticks, which is $280.

I understand it's recommended to not to risk more than 1% of the account balance

$280 being only slightly more than half of one percent

Let me know your thoughts


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