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5 Best Value Dividend Stocks in Kenya

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Updated 3 Feb 2023

Value stocks are those that are undervalued in the stock market relative to their profitability and potential for future growth.


5 Best Value Dividend Stocks in Kenya

Typically, value stocks don't experience rapid growth. Instead, value stocks are those of stable corporations that may only see moderate long-term development in sales and profits.

In some cases, cheap stocks can be found at companies that are now experiencing a downturn. However, the stock is trading at a price that grossly understates the company's future earnings potential.

Here, we explore the 5 best value dividend stocks in Kenya that allow investors to enjoy steady growth over the long term.

Britam Holdings Limited (NSE: BRIT)

Founded in 1965, Britam Holdings Plc has grown into Kenya's most important and diverse financial services provider. In 1965, Britam Holdings Plc, a foreign branch of British-American Insurance Company Limited headquartered in the Bahamas, opened its doors in Nairobi, Kenya.

Britam Holdings Plc is a diversified financial services provider that operates in the insurance, asset management, banking, and real estate markets.

Britam Holdings Plc is a diversified holding company having holdings in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Mozambique, and Malawi as well as the rest of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Its holdings include hotels, apartments, dorms, and office buildings, among other types of real estate. All aspects of real estate, from construction to management to selling are catered to.

As stated, overall revenues increased to 19,701,000,000 KES from 17,209,000,000 KES in the prior reporting period. A net profit of 376 million KES was reported, an increase from the previous reported operational income of (6,486) million KES.

Live chart analysis shows that BRIT shares have improved their long-term performance by anywhere from 1.87% during the past three months to 5.23% so far this year, which should give current investors and potential new ones more reason to be optimistic.


Jubilee Holdings Limited (NSE: JUB) 

Kenya is the location of Jubilee Holdings Ltd., an investment holding firm that was founded there. The Company, acting through its subsidiaries, is involved in the provision of all varieties of general and long-term insurance services.

jubilee holdings plc

In addition, the Company operates investment companies in the countries of Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda. In Kenya, the Company operates Jubilee Financial Services Limited, which is a fund management company.

The Company is active in the countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi, as well as the island nation of Mauritius.

In addition to investment enterprises located in Uganda, Tanzania, and Burundi, the Company is the owner of Jubilee Financial Services Limited, a money management company based in Kenya.

Among the many countries and territories in which the company operates are Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Mauritius.

Jubilee Holdings Limited is now the 15th most valuable company listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE). The company has a market value of KES 17.4 billion, which corresponds to approximately 0.868% of the NSE equity market.


Centum Investment Company (NSE: CTUM) 

Listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Centum Investment Co Plc is a holding company and equity business in Kenya (NSE).

Agricultural, educational, healthcare, energy, financial, insurance, information and communication technology, food and beverage, catering, automotive, publishing, real estate, power, and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) are just some of the industries in which Centum Investment Co Plc has invested.

Centum Investment Company PLC

Centum Investment Co Plc is a company that finances companies in the beverage industry. These companies produce a variety of drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as carbonated soft drinks.

Centum Investment Co Plc is actively investing in companies that serve expanding domestic and regional consumer and corporate markets, provide necessities whose demand rises with rising incomes, and sell items for which there is little local substitute.

For the six months ending in June of 2021, Centum Investment Co. Plc maintained a profit, with sales increasing from 2,599 million KES to 4,201 million KES.

Potential buyers and sellers of Centum Investment Co Plc stock can anticipate rising dividends and earnings as the company's earnings per share and long-term profits continue to improve.


Kenya Power and Lighting Company (NSE: KPLC)  

The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) is home to Kenya Power and Lighting Firm Plc, an electric utility company that generates, transmits, and distributes power across the country.

Kenya Power and Lighting Company Plc is now invested in renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and hydro in addition to traditional fossil fuels.

Kenya Power & Lighting

Electric metering, licencing, billing, emergency energy services, and customer relations are all handled by Kenya Power and Lighting Company Plc, and the company also provides fibre optic connectivity to telecoms.

The KPLC 4% Cumulative Preference Shares (KPLC-P4) have a par value of KSh 20 per share and are issued by the Kenya Power and Lighting Company Plc. Due to the company's contractual duty to pay preference dividends on the shares, the holders of the preference shares get a fixed-rate dividend that is paid before dividends to common shareholders.

Stock buyers and sellers of Kenya Power & Lighting Plc 4% Pref can anticipate rising dividends and profits as the company's earnings per share and long-term profitability continue to improve.


Co-Operative Bank of Kenya Limited (NSE: COOP) 

Kenya is home to the financial organisation known as The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. Banking, investment, and asset management services for Kenyan businesses and individuals are the company's bread and butter.

The organisation accepts a wide variety of consumer deposit types, including call, fixed, current account, and savings accounts. The company's primary areas of operation are retail banking and wholesale banking.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd

Retail banking encompasses loan and deposit accounts, as well as any additional balances or transactions with retail customers. Wholesale banking refers to banking services aimed at institutional clients such as major corporations and government entities.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd stock buyers and sellers can anticipate profitable dividends and earnings in the coming quarters due to the company's predicted increase in earnings per share and steady profitability.

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd's real-time price chart suggests that analysts expect the financial industry to continue its recent upward trend, with market share increasing along with trade volumes.


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