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Become a Pro Investor With Right Knowledge of TD Direct Investing Fees

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Updated 5 Jul 2022

Formerly known as TD Waterhouse Discount Brokerage, TD Direct Investing has grown to be one of the largest Canadian discount brokerages.

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TD Direct Investing Experience

As a reputable bank-based online brokerage company, TD Direct Investing provides an added level of dependability for its users. Investors can manage multiple accounts and other related banking products through one convenient online platform. With its diverse trading platform and ample training opportunities, TD Direct Investing has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. But how impressive are the TD Direct Investing fees? Here is a TD Direct Investing review to help you with a broker comparison.

  • Clear structure for prices and fees
  • Types of accounts with TD Direct Investing
  • User-friendly and easily accessible platform
  • Effective tools to sharpen trading skills

Clear structure for prices and fees

One of the best things about TD Direct Investing fees is how clear and simple to understand they are. The company believes in a fair and transparent pricing policy, which investors appreciate when they do a stock broker comparison before choosing to open an account with TD Direct Investing. Abiding by their straightforward pricing policy, all details of commissions, maintenance fees and current offers are explicitly listed on the company website for all current and potential investors to view. The company also has a list of commission-free investment that is clearly listed on the website. This includes mutual funds, for which a short-term redemption fee may apply. For IPOs, there is no special commission charged.

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The company also offers highly competitive interest rates. This can be very helpful for investors hoping to reach their investment goals as quickly as possible. The company again lists all the TD Direct Investing charges and interest rates for different account types on its website. There is also a Commission schedule and statement of disclosure of rates and fees that investors can download from the company website. All of this contributes to the trust factor for investors who are new to the online trading system or want extra peace of mind.

Types of accounts with TD Direct Investing

TD Direct Investing also has a variety of registered and unregistered accounts for investors to choose from based on their investment goals and preferences. When you’re looking for the best stock broker, it’s important to consider these matters. Registered investment accounts include TFSAs, RDSPs, RRSPs and RESP. Under the RRSPs, there are again two types: self-directed RSPs and basic RSPs. The basic RSP plan does not allow investors to hold equities, options or mortgages, whereas the Self-directed RSP does not have any such constraints. The TD Direct Investing fees and charges vary largely based on the account type. Another option is a non-registered account, which can be either a cash or a margin account. Depending on the investment instruments you want to deal in, you can choose the appropriate account. For instance, if you want to trade in options or short sell, it is imperative to have a margin account and an approval.

Opening an account with TD Direct Investing is a clear-cut process. To begin, simply identify your investment goals and choose the account type most suited to your needs. After you have entered all the necessary details, you will need to fund your account to make it active for trading online. Once funded, your account is ready for online trade. You can fund your account in multiple ways. If you already hold a personal savings account with TD banking, you can arrange for a transfer of funds. If not, you can always wire money into your account.

User-friendly and easily accessible platform

TD Direct Investing is known for its client-friendly approach. The trading platform offered by the company is available across different mediums to suit the various needs of its investors and clearly specifies the TD Direct Investing Charges and TD Direct Investing account fees. Being a bank-owned discount brokerage, TD Direct Investing has a presence across several different operating systems. This makes it easy to access the web trading platform on handheld devices and desktops alike. While each of the trading platforms has its own share of advantages, it all comes down to the level of convenience for traders and investors and their personal preference. Here is how the TD Direct Investing’s trading platform can be accessed:

  • Through WebBroker as a web-based platform
  • Though Advanced Dashboard, another a web-based platform
  • Active Trader as a desktop-based platform and
  • US Trading Platform as a desktop-based platform

The company also has mobile trading platforms on WebBroker and US Trading Platform. The mobile trading platform of TD Direct is available across several different interfaces including iOS, Android and Blackberry OS. The accessibility of the platform allows users to trade from anywhere and at any time. This provides more opportunities to improve trading income and explore the benefits of trading across different markets.

Effective tools to sharpen trading skills

At TD Direct Investing, it is a well-known fact that trading is a skill that can be honed and improved with practice and proper direction. By learning about the risks in the financial markets, you can potentially multiply your earnings. However, to be successful with your investment, it is essential that you have the right information about the markets as well as the various stocks or commodities that you wish to deal in. If you are new to trading, it is very important that you receive the right guidance. TD Direct Investing provides several tutorials and trading videos to ensure all its traders are well accustomed to the trading gimmicks and the current markets. These tools are available to the investors through the company’s website and are designed to assist new traders. However, there are times when even the most experienced professional investors have issues understanding the markets and the various stock trends. The various tools available on the website offer the required assistance in the form of EMO accounts and transaction as well as updated market information to help all investors make informed decisions that will help them reach their investment goals.

  • Develop your trading skills with practice on the market
  • Draw from the useful tutorials and training videos provided by TD Direct Investing
  • Even after mastering the basics, there are tools to help investors
  • See the latest market information to make informed decisions

Direct Trading – take control of your investments

As mentioned above, proper trading requires some guidance to enable investors to achieve their personal investment dreams. That being said, there are many different types of investors, each with a separate set of objectives. While the TD Direct Investing fees may remain the same for all traders, there are various tools available to them at no extra charge. If you are new to online investing and have taken this step to create an independent financial future for yourself, TD Direct Investing can help you get started and maximise your potential. With constant support from experts, successful online investing can become a reality for beginners.

  • Personalise and achieve your goals by tailoring the support tools to your requirements
  • Constant support from experts helps to develop every investor
  • Find out how to diversify your portfolio for greater profits
  • Enrich the trading experience through research and education

For experienced traders, reliable support and a diverse portfolio offer immensely lucrative opportunities, even as they advance through their careers. Then there are the active traders, who are directly involved in trading online. A fair, straightforward pricing policy and feature-rich trading platforms, along with reliable technology offered by TD Direct Investing, help keep these traders motivated. Of course, the two pillars of smart trading – research and education – are always available to enrich the trading experiences of all investors and traders, giving them the exposure they need to thrive.

Available extras – Investing with an advisor

TD Direct Investing advisory and wealth management support is another feature that deserves a specific mention in this review. This company offers personal wealth management and financial services through expert executives who can help you to redefine your investment goals and work towards them in a more organised and effective manner. Advisory assistance starts with an in-depth analysis of your current situation and then aligns it with any specific future investment goals. A comprehensive, financial plan is then created at pre-determined and agreed upon TD Direct Investing charges. A diversified portfolio is then developed based on the risk-taking potential of the investor. The ability to trade with the support of an advisor is a unique feature that builds confidence in the minds of the investors and promotes a more trustworthy environment. Of course, the investment goals of different investors can vary largely. TD Direct Investing understands that a careful understanding of each investor’s goals and vision makes it possible to formulate an individualised approach. With this personalised attention to online investing, TD Direct Investing has turned into a pioneer of sorts that helps to facilitate the success of its investors and help them get an edge in a competitive market.

Customer service

As reflected in the above points, TD Direct Investing dedicates a high degree of priority to customer service. You can reach out to their customer support team in different ways. There is a TD Community that is detailed in the next section and a customer support team who can be contacted by email or by texting. However, there is no option of live chat available on the website as of now. When you are looking for an online stock broker to support you with your online trading and investing, the customer service available is among the top things to consider as online investing may require immediate support at times. Lack of instant assistance can result in avoidable losses. While TD Direct Investing may not have an online chat, the TD Community discussion forums make up for it. Additionally, the customer support team, which is available round the clock, has a very quick turnaround time so you can expect almost instant replies to your emails and texts. This emphasis on customer service tends to give the company an edge over others in the market. Superior services ensure that investors stay loyal to the company and continue to realise their investment goals with them well into the future.

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The TD Community

There is nothing as important as having support from like-minded people as well as experts all the time. If you have questions about the services offered by TD Direct Investing or are concerned about TD Direct Investing commission, you can get answers from TD community members as well as experts. Whether it is about everyday banking, online investing, planning your retirement or setting financial goals, the TD Helps community page has answers to all your queries. You can ask the list of experts your questions based on their expertise or join discussions and forums to get a better understanding of different aspects of banking or investing. Often, you may prefer to have your issues resolved by experts, but sometimes you need advice from investors like you. These discussion forums are an ideal place to connect with other community members. If you need any further assistance, you can book an appointment as well. Depending on the kind of consultation you require, there may be additional TD Direct Investing trading fees that you will be clearly informed about before you are provided the service. The bottom line is, no matter what kind of support you are looking for and when TD Direct Investing is right there for you!

The bottom line on TD Direct Investing: Our verdict

TD Direct Investing is a respected stock broking firm that has all banking and investment-related services under its umbrella. With a focus on keeping investors informed and satisfied, this company stands out against its competition, especially in regard to its customer service. Its platforms are easy to access and navigate, making it convenient for all types of users at every stage of their career. For anyone seeking a one-stop destination for all their banking and investing needs, this company could be a good fit. Investors will benefit from the comprehensive trading and banking platform that TD Direct Investing offers all its users. With the right guidance for investing and up-to-date market research, the company aims to empower and educate its investors, leading the way to optimum profits. TD Direct Investing is a reputable and trustworthy company that clearly believes its own success lies in the success and contentment of its investors!


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