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Moneyfarm: Withdraw and Transfer Funds Anytime

Updated 27 Jul 2022
Moneyfarm Withdraw and Transfer Funds

Put together by qualified and well-experienced entrepreneurs Paolo Galvani and Giovanni Daprà, Moneyfarm, the digital wealth manager, has grown leaps and bounds since its inception in 2011. Six years later, it has begun steady operations in the UK as well as Italy.

With an aim to provide simplified advice to beginners and discretionary advice to thousands of customers, they have emerged as the Best stock broker in town. They not only help you invest money, they ensure you can do a Moneyfarm withdraw seamlessly. Here are some of this digital wealth manager’s main features and how you can withdraw funds.

  • Powerful browser encryption and security processes
  • Smart and effective wealth management
  • Clear and practical pricing
  • Goal-oriented performance strategies

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Powerful Browser Encryption and Security Processes

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Moneyfarm is held accountable for asset segregation and a client fund. Authorisation details can be found on the Financial Services Register. To a large extent, Moneyfarm stands true to its data protection and security measures. In other words, security and storage are always kept at top priority. Their potent browser encryption and stringent security practices make certain your details are not disclosed to anyone else. They possess system wide processes which ensure that the security and privacy of information is never meddled with.

Without your knowledge, Moneyfarm does not undertake any step that alters and changes your investment plans. Their privacy policy offers a comprehensive description that elaborates how the information that is shared with them is protected. It further states the manner in which your personal information is stored on secure servers and how account information is encrypted. Your money is safe and secure with this platform since your invested money is not mixed with Moneyfarm’s funds. In addition to this, investments are held with a selected few and trusted financial institutions only. This gives users the assurance that the security processes and procedures used are productive and result-oriented in keeping your investments safe and sound.

Smart and Effective Wealth Management

You can be on your quest to reach your goals in a tax effective and convenient manner with Moneyfarm’s stocks and shares ISA. Since ISA is friendly on the budget, flexible and transparent in nature, transferring your ISA with minimal difficulty does not cause any problem. Its smart and effective wealth management approach makes it seamless for investors to have a transparent approach when they check out what they are invested in, the amount they are paying, and the manner in which the investments are performing in the market. You can keep a watchful eye on these statistics and observations regardless of the time and place you are in.

The general accounts of Moneyfarm assist you in saving around 50% on management fees. This holds especially great value when you compare it to all of the other types of investment. You can also secure your future in the right manner with their personal pension, a product that plays a vital role in building an investment portfolio that reflects your goals. They match you with an investor profile that nurtures, manages and regularly rebalances your profile so that you can achieve your retirement goals seamlessly. Moneyfarm also helps you setup a general investment account that works to track performance, helps in seamless Moneyfarm withdraw money, and scrutinises asset location in a productive manner. The platform helps you protect your money from the impact of an unpredictable market as well as inflation.

Clear and Practical Pricing

Moneyfarm has a tiered approach to fees. This comprises of the following:

  • On the first £0-£20,000; you are charged 0.70% every year on the invested amount
  • On anything between £20,000-£100,000; you are charged 0.60% every year on the invested amount
  • On anything between £100,000-£500,000; you are charged 0.50% every year on the invested amount
  • On anything over £500,000; you are charged 0.40% every year on the invested amount

The platform follows this pricing model. So, whether you are planning on investing a thousand pounds or hundreds of thousand pounds, Moneyfarm helps you through the investor-friendly fee structure with ease.  There are no subscription fees or setup fees for opening an account. In addition to this, no trading fees are applicable. In other words, Moneyfarm does not charge you any additional commission or fees when you make a transaction. The pricing is also practical and user-friendly in nature, in the sense that you are not under any kind of obligation when you sign up with them. You can unsubscribe or withdraw from their service whenever you feel the need to do so. Users are not charged any type of penalty or any kind of additional cost. Moneyfarm withdraw money can also be conducted free of cost. You are simply charged a small management fee which takes into account investment management, investment advice based on your profile, all trading costs, account management and custodial charges.

Goal Oriented Performance Strategies

While the Moneyfarm withdraw process is seamless to begin with, the performance strategies that are incorporated and nurtured since the time of its inception are working to enhance it for the better. In terms of performance analysis, judgements are created based on past performance and returns. An interactive chart is utilised to examine investment performance and review. The platform is transparent in their performance. In other words, there are no hidden agendas or underlying aims in their processes and procedures. This gives you a clearer perspective on how they have performed on their performance page. They also offer easy to read charts to examine returns on investments of differing levels of risk. A major aspect of their performance strategy lies in the manner in which they cater to their investment strategy.

Moneyfarm possesses 12 investment portfolios. These portfolios are accordingly split 1-6, based on approach to risk and investment amount. If your portfolio is smaller than £50,000 your Moneyfarm portfolio will be made up of seven exchange traded funds (ETFs), otherwise your portfolio will be made up of 14 ETFs. Since this platform uses an asset allocation strategy to drive performance, your portfolio will consist of a mix of investments which ensures your investment returns are smoothed out. This attempts to strike a balance between reward and risk. At Moneyfarm, here is how different assets drive performance:

  • Cash and ST Government bonds- 59.4%
  • Investment grade corporate bonds-26.6%
  • Dev market equities- 10.7%
  • Cash- 3.3%

Moneyfarm Withdrawals

Moneyfarm stands strong in the Stock broker comparison battle and clearly scores above the rest in the market when it comes to its fees and withdrawal capabilities. It is in fact much easier to conduct Moneyfarm withdraw with the help of the app. When it comes to withdrawing money whenever you want, you will not experience any kind of issue. There are no additional charges or hidden costs incurred when you carry out withdrawals and they are generally completed within a few working days. In order to Moneyfarm withdraw money from your available cash, you have to click the ‘funding details’ section of your account. You can find this on the bottom tab of your mobile app. If you are using the Moneyfarm website, click on the arrow next to your name. Following this, you need to:

  • Click on the ‘withdrawals request’ button
  • Insert the amount you want to withdraw in addition to the bank account you want this to be sent to
  • Doing this helps in generating a request

The money is then sent to your nominated bank account without any hassle as soon as possible. Moneyfarm offers you the flexibility to transfer or withdraw funds whenever you like. All in all, it never takes more than seven working days to Moneyfarm withdraw your money.

Managing Portfolios at Moneyfarm

Moneyfarm gives you the choice to invest as little as £1 in any of the six portfolios that come with differing risk levels. These portfolios range from those appropriate for individuals who solely want to preserve their capital to those who want to take a higher risk for more fruitful returns. At first, Moneyfarm assesses your risk profile using its in-house risk assessment. This gives users a better opportunity to understand the kind of portfolio that is suitable for them. Moneyfarm offers you a questionnaire. Once you have answered the questionnaire, you are assigned to one of six profiles. Every single profile corresponds to a portfolio which is presented to you onscreen.

The blend of assets of your portfolio depends upon your risk profile, the amount you want to invest and the duration you plan on investing for. The portfolio asset allocations at Moneyfarm largely rely on volatility targeting for each level of risk. Volatility being a part of Moneyfarm’s risk management process acts as a huge positive. This is because, if assets become too volatile, their position in the portfolio inevitably gets reviewed. Moneyfarm also rebalances its portfolios approximately every two months. This way, any extreme costs of overtrading are avoided. It also makes certain that no unwanted risks seep into portfolios. If you register with Moneyfarm, you gain access to their most recent UK performance data that dates all the way back to January 2016. You can also review their own projected future returns.

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Advantages of Opting for Moneyfarm

Moneyfarm functions in a simple, efficient and customised manner so that the user’s profile is benefited in the best way possible. While Moneyfarm withdraw funds is stress-free, its investment plan enhances your long-term returns while simultaneously safeguarding your wealth. The platform makes investing passively in the stock market seamless and straightforward. While the Moneyfarm app review is mostly favourable in nature, the fee structure is uncomplicated and undemanding. The total cost of the fees incurred can be compared to similar online or mobile wealth management services.

You can load up your ISA allowance and then be at peace, confident in the fact that you will witness some returns that perform much better than other savings accounts. In addition to this, you can even setup a direct debit and instruct Moneyfarm to take money from your account. This process is much easier than manually transferring funds through the mobile banking app. The platform’s interface is excellent to work with. You can easily check out the performance of your savings. In addition to this, you can also evaluate the performance of individual assets that Moneyfarm has invested your money in. They clearly do something right since the platform was named stocks and shares ISA provider of the year in 2016. Besides this, more recently Moneyfarm won Innovation of the Year at the 2018 British Bank Awards in Central London.

The Final Verdict on Moneyfarm

A thorough Moneyfarm review shows that the company offers you a range of opportunities that cater to every customer without a glitch. This includes stocks and shares ISA, pension and general investment. Another plus point is that the platform permits you to add and withdraw funds anytime. A total of 1% of your portfolio’s value is deducted automatically every year, while a user does not have to pay any charges or fees when it comes to adding or withdrawing funds.

Another important factor is that Moneyfarm’s investors do not have any access to your money. Although improvements in the app and website are welcome, particularly if it means doing away with investor jargon so that it can become easier to understand. Also, there is a huge orange button to add funds but no equivalent button for when it comes to withdrawing funds. Nevertheless, withdrawing money is not a technical procedure and their expert views of the market help users come up with a well-defined strategy when it comes to their investment goals. This inevitably lends a helping hand in getting closer to your financial aspirations.