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Why the Aspen Technology Stock Price Continues to Extend its Gains

Updated: 8 Oct 2021

Aspen Technology (NASDAQ: AZPN) has recorded impressive gains recently, exploiting the explosive software market and attracting prominent investment in the process. Aspen has opened at a price of $138.30 this Friday, holding on to Thursday’s impressive gains with further backing from today’s premarket rise. 

Aspen has received a lot of attention in the past months, especially from big industrial companies looking to spread their wings in the software sector. However, in the last few days, it’s been all about the knock on the door from Emerson Electric. 

Emerson’s similar interests make Aspen a prime candidate for a merger, combining software assets with Aspen’s industrial software space. Whilst the merger is yet to be finalized – with no public comment from either Aspen or Emerson – investors started to react positively almost immediately; with gains still being recorded today, over 48 hours later.


Should the deal take place, Emerson will gain majority control of the fused company but Aspen Tech would still hold on to its public listing. It isn’t much of a surprise that investors reacted well to Emerson’s interest, could it be something to do with its ballooning market cap of over $57 billion, compared to Aspen’s $8.4 billion. 

Keep an eye out for further news about the deal, and definitely expect further market reactions down the line. The Aspen Tech stock price is trading just over the $138 mark, with early gains of 0.4% today.

Should You Invest in Aspen Technology Shares?

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