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Creative Realities (CREX) Stock Price Soared 102% After Merging With Reflect Systems

Updated: 15 Nov 2021

Creative Realities Inc (NASDAQ: CREX) stock price soared 102% after revealing that it had completed its merger with Reflect Systems, which will lead to full integration of the two companies.

Investors cheered the move to turn Creative Realities into a powerhouse in the digital signage industry since it will have one of the sector’s most extensive service and product offerings.

Some of the services offered by the new combined entity include Digital signage Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offered via Reflect Xperience and ReflectView, and Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising via the AdLogic platform.


The combined company will be led by Rick Mills, the current CEO of Creative Realities, with Reflect Systems’ CEO, Lee Summers, leading the AdTech initiatives of the combined company, which will also include the Supply Side Platforms and Exchanges.

The enlarged company will still trade on the Nasdaq exchange under the CREX ticker symbol and maintain CRI’s current headquarters in Louisville as its HQ while still operating Reflect Systems, Dallas offices.

Today’s rally is a vote of confidence in the combined company’s prospects, and many will be watching the stock to see if the merger works out long term. Unfortunately, the corporate scene is littered with numerous examples of mergers that did not work out.

If the merger is successful, we will see its shares keep soaring, driven by positive earnings results as the enlarged company works seamlessly to capture a more significant market share as time passes.

Investors who missed today’s rally should wait for a pullback before jumping in since we will likely get one after today’s parabolic rally.

*This is not investment advice. Always do your due diligence before making investment decisions.

Creative Realities stock price.

IG chart of Creative Realities stock price 15-11-2021
Source: IG

Creative Realities stock price soared 102.1%% to trade at $2.95, rising from Friday’s closing price of $1.46.

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