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GBPUSD Price: The Pound Has Had a Monster Rally on New Govt

Simon Mugo trader
Updated 25 Nov 2022

The GBPUSD currency pair has rallied over 1700 pips from its late-September multi-decade low of 1.0350 and is now trading at levels last seen in August as investor confidence in the Sterling pound surged higher.


Investor sentiment towards the British economy and the current government led by Rishi Sunak has significantly improved compared to the market implosion witnessed after former Prime Minister Liz Truss unveiled her fiscal plan for the country in her botched mini-budget. 

The markets punished Liz Truss’s plans for excessive government spending and borrowing without any clear plans for how it would repay the debts. However, investors still care about unsustainable debts despite most governments being heavily indebted. 

Now that Rishi Sunak has settled into his role as Prime Minister and unveiled his first budget statement, investors are relaxed since nobody expects the government to implement drastic changes to its policies in light of what transpired with the Liz Truss policies. 

However, the Sterling pound’s long-term prospects are not as rosy since the country is projected to be in a recession for most of the coming year, with analysts expecting the economy to rebound in 2024. Still, the UK will not be the only country facing a recession, and many other European countries are looking at a similar fate. 

As the week ends, many analysts are betting that we will see a temporary top in the Sterling next week as crucial data from the United States, including the non-farm payrolls, are released, while the UK docket will not have much to report. 

Next week, the Sterling pound’s performance is expected to be primarily influenced by the US dollar and other global factors. Still, many will be looking to the Bank of England for signals that it will continue raising rates to combat record-high inflation levels, which have created a cost of living crisis in the UK. 

*This is not investment advice. 

The GBPUSD price chart.

The GBPUSD current pair has risen over 1700 pips (16.70%) from its September lows following the collapse of Trussonomics.

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