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Zivo Bioscience (ZIVO) Stock Soared 199.3% Amid Premarket Buying Frenzy

Simon Mugo trader
Updated 20 Sep 2021

Shares of Zivo Bioscience Inc (NASDAQ: ZIVO) inexplicably soared 199.3% amid a flood of buying pressure despite not making an official announcement by the time of writing.

Despite the lack of official news from the company, it seems that investors were keen to accumulate the biotech company’s stock due to unclear reasons.

However, as most investors know, while there could be a million reasons why investors may sell shares in a company, there is usually only one reason why investors choose to buy a company’s shares.

Today’s rally indicates that investors are expecting some significantly positive news from Zivo Bioscience in the near future or after the market opens.

Investors who missed the premarket move should not jump in at current highs, since we are very likely to get a retracement shortly given the sharp parabolic shape formed on Zivo’s stock price as shown in the chart below.

*We’ll keep you updated once we get more information regarding today’s premarket move.

Zivo stock price.

Tradingview chart of Zivo Bioscience share price 20-09-2021

Zivo Bioscience shares soared 199.29%% to trade at $8.38 premarket, rising from Friday’s closing price of $2.80.

Should You Invest in Zivo Bioscience Shares?

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