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Can You Really Gain Skills at Free Webinars?

Analyst Team trader
Updated 6 Jul 2022

Forex trading is a process that requires maximum concentration and continuous self-improvement from a trader. The global market is in constant motion, and the trader must also move forward and keep up with its innovations.

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Are Webinars Helpful?

Most brokers provide the opportunity to improve skills and competencies through various training activities, including webinars with professional traders’ participation as lecturers. At these webinars, lecturers analyse market movements and talk about trading strategies depending on the trend’s movement.

This year, the InstaForex Team has launched a series of its free webinars with market experts from all over the world. Thus, the speakers will talk about market innovations in 2021, new trading techniques, and the impact of external factors on the market.


For example, the next webinar will take place on 12 April, 2021, with Matteo Morosinotto, an experienced market analyst. He will talk about Dynamic supports and resistances (moving averages). He will also consider the topic of the differences and settings of the moving averages, trading strategies with moving averages, and more.

Moreover, you no longer need to search for information on Google, because the icing on the cake is an opportunity to ask all your questions to a speaker during a webinar.

So, by participating in webinars, you will learn how to adapt to any market behaviour and market tricks confidently. By applying the knowledge gained, you significantly improve the possibility for funds increase and start playing in the major league.

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