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Use the IQ Option Strategies: Build Your Ultimate Portfolio

Updated 8 Jun 2022
iq option strategy

IQ Options Limited is a world-leading and the best stock broker that offers traders from over 66 countries to trade in an extensive product range conveniently. Additionally, IQ Options got an outstanding score in our review. For all these reasons, we will explore the best IQ Option strategies that you should be using in 2020. You can trade stocks, digital options, binary options, forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and commodities on IQ Option.

The broker has won numerous awards, including the Best Binary options broker trading application, most innovative binary options broker, most reliable binary options broker, and many more for its quality and reliability.

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Digital Options Strategy

digital options strategy

Digital Option is a new tool developed by IQ Option that combines both classic and binary features. This feature offers you a high degree of freedom and a higher earning potential than binary options, the profitability of which is predetermined.

You can decide on the amount of potential profit and risk by merely adjusting the strike price. When moving the strike price closer to the current level of prices, you will decrease the deal's potential profitability and, at the same time, limit the amount at risk.

Conversely, you can take the additional risk by pushing the strike price further from the actual prices and hope to receive a higher profit.

Digital Options allow you to choose between one and five-minute expirations and can also be sold before the expiration date. If you feel that the trend is taking the wrong direction, you can sell the option.

Below are the steps you would want to trade in Digital Options.

  • Choose the desired asset
  • Choose the expiration period
  • Choose the amount of money he wants to invest,
  • Select a strike price
  • Wait for the expiration time to come or sell the option prematurely.

digital options

There are three parameters that you will have to adjust when setting up a deal on Digital Options, which are the amount of money invested, the period, and the strike price

Binary Options Strategy

Binary options trading involves making predictions on whether an underlying asset is going to go up or down. If you are looking to hedge or speculate, binary options are an excellent alternative for making predictions on assets.

The IQ Option platform divides Binary Options into two types. One is the Standard Options with an expiration time from 15 and up to 1 month expiration times. Secondly, is the Turbo Options or 60 seconds.

Key features of Binary Options are:

  • Expiry time: This is the period between buying the option contract to the time it finally closes.
  • Strike price: This is the price at which a call or put option can be exercised.
  • Payout offer: A payout offer is a return, usually in percentage, that the broker offers to traders.

As with any investment, there are risks and rewards, so it helps to understand binary options before making your moves.

Ultimately, you can have a look at our options for beginners for more comprehensive trading strategies for new traders.

Classic Options Strategy

Just like Digital Options, Classic Options represent a straightforward tool used for a powerful trading instrument. The first and foremost parameter in any deal with classic options is the strike price.

classic options strategy

The other two parameters involved in Classic Options are the single option price and the expiry date. The expiration date denotes the deadline for the right to sell or buy the asset with its strike price.

The market defines the single option price. The critical advantage of classic options is that the higher risk decreases the option price while improving the overall profitability.

Please look at our option trading strategies to get more extensive learning on how to trade successfully.

Awards and Recognition

From its inception in 2013, IQ Option has been considered one of the most trustworthy and reliable CFD trading companies. In the past five years of its establishment, the company has garnered exceptional praise and recognition from the industry's most respected experts.

Below is the list of the most prestigious awards received by IQ Options.

  • Best Trading Platform, Forex Awards 2014
  • Best Mobile Trading Platform, IFM Awards 2015
  • Most Innovative Binary Options Platform, IFM Awards 2015
  • Best Binary Options Broker, IAIR Awards
  • Best Binary Options Broker, FX Report Awards

IQ Option As The Ultimate Trading Platform

With the ultimate IQ Option strategies of trading, you can create exceptional wealth in your choice stock market. Additionally, with the right IQ Option trading strategies, you can learn to maximise your returns with the different financial instruments available on the platform.

Whenever there is a need for competent trading strategies, the IQ Option strategies PDF can serve as a great guide.

These strategies can be accessed over the web to have better trading experiences that will help new traders and experienced traders improve their returns from their different investment vehicles.

However, when deciding to trade, the first thing that you will look for is a broker comparison to find the best stock broker to deal with. Here IQ Option is giving you a lot more than you can typically expect from a stockbroker.

Aren't they the ultimate broker that you would want to trade with?

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