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Experience Trading with MT4: Become a successful trader

Updated 7 Jul 2022
MARKETS.COM Erfahrungen is a trading platform operated by Safecap, a subsidiary of Playtech PLC. Safecap is one of the fastest growing Forex and CFD providers with a powerful trading platform, MT4, which enables traders to access trading opportunities using a very user-friendly platform that works over both mobile and web. With a global client base and presence, the platform offers a seamless trading experience in multiple languages.


With unmatched training, service and customer support, this trading platform aims to provide a top-notch trading platform for traders to benefit from trading in over 2,000 assets. Here is a quick review!

  • Trading with
  • Trading instruments and markets
  • Top-notch training
  • affiliate program

Trading with

Stock trading is always considered to be a highly risky affair. The fact is that the share markets are quite volatile and when working on improving your chances to win more money, you need to play it really safe. When looking for a CFD broker comparison, it is important that you prioritise your investment goals. A good stock broker can help you by providing the necessary support and advice to help you with your stock trading. When doing a broker comparison, this is perhaps the first thing that you will look at – how well can the broker support you. In this regard, the trading platform can be regarded as one of the most user-friendly.

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The MT4 trading platform recently received a major update – it has now gone live. This is one of the few trading platforms offered by stock brokers that has both the Meta Trader platforms – M4 and M5 embedded. The company also offers the experience of using mobile telephony with the help of mobile apps for almost all popular operating systems. Trading with is very convenient with the option of executing your trades while still on the go using the mobile app. To open an account with, you will need to pass a few compliance checks in accordance with the CySEC Financial Services Board. These compliance checks are necessary to evaluate a trader’s preparedness to understand the risks and look beyond them.

Trading instruments and markets

Trading at is quite diversified as the company deals in a plethora of accounts and commodities. You can trade in stocks, indices, forex, CFDs, commodities and cryptocurrencies. The company has an award-winning CFD platform. With 2200 assets having low spreads and zero commission, and exclusive trading tools available only on, the company offers a unique trading experience. Talking about shares, the company deals with share CFDs from over 12 major markets and offers real-time quotes on all assets to its traders. This is one of the reasons why the company is regarded as among the best CFD broker. The trading in shares allows a trader with a small $5,000 account to make a fortune of over $50,000 within a few months of dedicated trading using stocks of the best quality in the industry. As there could be many naïve traders, the demo account is something that is a commendable move by the company. Traders can use the demo account for as long as they want to get comfortable in the industry and then begin real trading. You can set price alerts using the trading platform as well as use other risk management tools to leverage your trades for better profits. For forex trading, there are a more than 50 currency pairs to trade in, while there are more than 25 indices that the company supports the trade of. Cryptocurrencies, EDFS, commodities and blends all have a strong trading base with

  • Can trade in stocks, indices, forex, CFDs, commodities and cryptocurrencies
  • 2200 assets have low spreads and zero commission
  • Demo account for first-time traders
  • Can set price alerts and other risk management tools

Top-notch training

The experts at believe that the only way they can survive in the competitive and dynamic stock market industry is to have traders who will stay longer in the market and make huge profits. It is true that only when the traders prosper, a stock broker firm will prosper too. This is the reason why takes a keen interest in educating its associated traders about the gimmicks of the online stock trade or CFD trade. Also, there is a widely known fact that trading in commodities, CFDs or any kind of stocks involves a huge financial risk and there have been several incidents when traders have lost huge money. To prevent this, it is important that as a trader you keep yourself well informed of the latest updates in the industry. continuously works towards ensuring that its traders have the right technical know-how as well as being well aware of the market. The company organises webinars from time-to-time to educate its traders on the various aspects of trading. The website lists the upcoming webinars well in advance with some basic details, so that traders can decide which webinars they want to enrol in and arrange for their availability accordingly. These online webinars are quite interactive, which implies that traders who have enrolled in the webinar can post queries that will be answered within a certain duration. All the webinars are free of any charge to the registered traders of affiliate program

The affiliate program is another lucrative option for people to earn fortunes with while in connection with the trading platform. This is the only affiliate program available by that provides affiliates with an opportunity to benefit from accurate tracking, reporting and analysis tools, as well as the ability to earn income from generating traffic. is believed to be a one-stop place for Forex and CFD affiliates. If you are looking for the best broker to affiliate with, can be the ideal choice as it not only has a strong reputation, but also offers its affiliates all technical, creative and expert support services. Money is the most important factor that rules the affiliate business and, in this regard, the affiliate program is considered to be among the most generous and flexible in the industry. With the marketing team offering the best deals, there is a higher chance that your generated traffic will be converted and this ensures that you have a steady income. With their rapid, reliable and on-time payments and multiple payment methods, you will never have to worry about your cash flow. Under their affiliate programs, you will also receive a wealth of marketing tools that will make it easier to run your affiliate business and generate more traffic. If you a website or a blog that is performing decently well, this program might just be the perfect option for you to start your online income.

Trading at gets a makeover

The trading platform MT4 has been regarded as one of the most efficient and user-friendly trading platforms that exist for CFD and other commodity trading. The trading platform recently went live and, at the same time, there came some very efficient changes that have further helped the platform perform with better accuracy and utility. Among the many changes, the new version of the trading platform now has dedicated instrument and account panels. The instrument section of the platform provides for easy access to all instruments and assets. The account section is the panel that is now dedicated solely to account management. This dedicated accounts panel gives a quick bird’s eye view of all the important numbers you need to know about your account. From showing a glance of all key statistics to allowing you to easily switch between your accounts, this account's panel provides for much smoother use of the platform. The menus on the platform are re-organised for easier navigation and a more intuitive feel. There is also a floating ‘Open Options’ widget, which makes it convenient to look at your accounts’ performance while trading. The ‘Price Alerts’ tab offers refined asset monitoring along with powerful decision-support tools to enhance the overall trading experience.

  • MT4 is regarded as one of the most efficient and user-friendly platforms
  • The new version of the platform has dedicated instrument and account panels
  • Can view key statistics easily
  • Offers refined asset monitoring and decision-support tools

Trading procedure with

When you are trading on MT4, there are not a lot of things that you need to worry about. Also, there are not too many things that you need to bear in mind. There is a rather simple procedure to trading on, which starts with you having to download the exchanging program or the trading platform on your preferred device. Of course, you can use the web access too, but the trading app is a lot more convenient and easy to use. When you are downloading the trading platform or opening your account, there is a minimum cash deposit of $100 that your account requires. Once you have downloaded successfully, you will have the option to either create a demo account or a real account. The demo is basically a practice account that is highly beneficial for new traders as it allows them to get comfortable with the trading system; however, this account does not involve real money transactions. To earn genuine cash, you will need the real account. After creating your account, you will need to verify your phone number and then, lastly, you will need to fund your account. You can use various ways to fund your account, such as wire transfer, Visa/ MasterCard, Skrill or PayPal. When you have your account set up, you can start trading in your preferred commodities or CDFs.

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Deposits and withdrawals policies

As a trader, the first thing that should really concern you is where your money is going, and when you are investing, how liquid is your investment. As a trader on, you will find yourself in a very comfortable position as far as money is involved. This trading platform is very flexible with regard to your accounts and the deposits. Of course, there is a minimum requirement of $100 as your account balance, but for the kind of trading you are expected to do on this platform, this amount is rather insignificant. However, you can still close your account at any time and receive your deposited amount back. As far as account deposits are concerned, you can use a variety of ways as mentioned above, which further ensures convenient monetary transactions. For withdrawals, you can choose a wire transfer as well as other local transfer options based on your location. does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. All charges that you incur with your banks for transactions above $2,500 are reimbursed by the trading platform. When you are looking at withdrawing any money from your account, you will need to raise a withdrawal request. Once you do this, the withdrawal process is initiated and the processing takes about three days for all methods of withdrawal.

Customer support and safety concerns

Customer support is an important component of online trading. There can be occasions when there is an important deal taking place and the trader is unsure about the transaction. This is the time, there is a need for an almost immediate support system that can be accessible at all times. With, you get just that. There is a huge team of technical and market experts who can be contacted at any point in time. The best thing is that as the trading platform has a global presence, the support service is available in many languages making it easier for traders from different parts of the world to more easily connect and resolve their queries quickly. As is regulated by CySEC, there is a lot of trust associated with dealing or trading with this company. Apart from the customer support to solve grievances or to offer suggestions and market advice, the trading platform also offers strategic analysis that will help traders in choosing their trade deals for more profitable outcomes. From providing information and support to understand the policies, as well as guiding you with the amount to be traded, the experts at are always on point to ensure a profitable and informed trading experience with MetaTrader. can be a wonderful trading platform for new as well as for pro traders. With the trading platform becoming more user-friendly, this is the best source for you to profit from your online investments!