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Updated: 19.12.2019
Srdjan Mitrovic

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Top 5 Stocks Brokers: is a CFD and Forex broker that operates under Safecap Investments Limited and is one of the best brands for trade investment across Europe. Playtech PLC is the holding company of Safecap Investments and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Regulated in two areas of jurisdiction, has created a strong brand in Europe and South Africa due to the favourable fees, a user-friendly and powerful platform, and an extreme variety of assets to trade from. For these reasons and more, many people consider it to be the best stock broker.

  • Low spreads and zero commissions
  • Trading platform
  • Trading methodology
  • Funding and withdrawing

Low Spreads and Zero Commissions trading fees are one of the most competitive and favourable in the industry within Europe. Many traders prefer the trading platform because it offers extra savings through low spreads and zero commissions. In the past, trading was mostly reserved for the rich, and due to the absence of brokers, trading services were mostly provided by banks. As a result, trading was an expensive investment. The emergence of brokers such as has brought a revolution in the industry, as the cost of trading has reduced drastically.

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These new generation brokers not only offer low commissions on trading activities, but also many don’t even charge, and charges are no exception, with no commissions for trading. However, put into consideration that trading is not free because the broker has to cater for the operating costs as well as reap some profit from the trading service. Traders cover these costs from the spreads, which gives a price difference between the purchase and selling price of a particular asset. Smart traders are always looking for the brokers that offer the smallest difference or brokers with the lowest spreads. This is well available at, with reduced fees at a very favourable price. With zero commissions and low spreads, no broker comparison can be placed ahead of in any stock broker comparison.

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The Trading Platform

Besides favourable charges, the company boasts other attractive features, including a web-based proprietary trading platform that is easy to access in the presence of a stable internet connection. The trading platform has a user-friendly interface and also provides advanced technical and charting analysis tools. In addition, the platform has a wide range of technical indicators that can help enhance efficient chart analysis. The trading process is also well streamlined by the ‘trading cubes’, which enable you to view several instruments all at once. This is a unique feature of the trading platform, which any broker comparison review cannot ignore. The platform includes various sections:

  • The header consists of a few non-trading functions such as settings, access to customer support and depositing funds.
  • A view of the main panel can be altered through the menu list just below the header.
  • The major panel has three main sections, and the left side is further broken down into two sections where tradable assets can be viewed at the top and your account balance is displayed at the bottom. The middle section, which is the largest, shows a chart of the assets you would like to trade.

A real-time news feed is also available, including many Forex signals and all that is needed for scalping techniques or Fibonacci trading. This enables you to monitor and react to the frequently changing markets with ease.

Usage of Mobile Apps

The app platform is one of the most efficient for trading. The application is supported by mobile devices powered by iOS and Android operating systems. Downloading the application is straightforward and getting started is also a quick process. Simply use your usual login details and you will be on board in a couple of minutes with access to many of the features found on the web-based platform. The app allows you to access the dynamic product list, just like the ones available on the desktop platform, and you will be able to speculate on every asset from oil, penny stocks and many others. The Android and iOS apps are very powerful and fully packed with technical and charts analysis tools. Included in these applications are several features for risk management.

The app is just the beginning of a straightforward transition from desktop-based platforms to mobile-based applications. But it’s important to note that some of the features available on the web platform have not yet been updated to the mobile application interface. Despite some missing features, these mobile trading apps available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store give traders the opportunity to freely access the platform at any time, no matter where they are. MetaTrader 4

The MT4 platform is easily accessible on the main trading screen of the user interface. It is available on the ‘accounts tab’ on the top right-hand side of the screen. It provides traders with an opportunity to trade Forex with a more familiar platform. The MT4 platform is the most used when it comes to Forex trading and analysis of financial markets. The MT4 platform is known to be the most efficient and simple trading platform and is the preferred option for Forex traders. It provides outstanding features for advanced traders who need to improve their chart indicators and efficiently save their work.

Provided by the MetaQuotes Software Corporation, the MT4 platform has fixed spreads of 3.0 pips. The mobile MT4 platform is free to download, and you won’t need to change your normal login details. The best features of this platform include mobile trading, the overall Forex market and trading signals. The market gives a provision of various technical indicators as well as Expert Advisors that you can purchase. The signal service provided enables you to copy trades from professional traders. This platform offers a variety of opportunities to traders at all levels of skills, including a flexible system of trading, advanced technical analysis, algorithmic trading and much more.

The Accounts Types Offered by

The three types of standard trading accounts provided by include:

  • Demo account – This is provided to new traders and those who would like to test the trading platform before committing any charges to their real accounts. Making practice trades with this type of account can help those just starting out to improve their trading skills.
  • Real account – This is the normal and standard trading account for anyone who wants to begin trading with real money, and the minimum deposit for this account is $100.
  • Swap free account – Muslim traders also have an opportunity to participate on, as the company provides swap free accounts in which operations are provided for in accordance with the Sharia principle of Islam – the interest-free trading option.

All of these trading accounts are provided for with a standard leverage for Forex trading of 1:300. The accounts also have the following benefits:

  • Efficient support from a team of dedicated account leaders
  • Webinars are available during set times
  • A daily market analysis
  • A 24-hour customer support service is also available

To receive a free trading account, simply fill out the online registration form and submit it to A $25 no-deposit bonus is free for traders to claim once they have newly registered with


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Trading Methodology and Execution

The minimum trade for execution at is 0.01 Lot, which varies depending on the type of account you open. The requirements for maximum trading also vary depending on the trader and the trade instrument chosen. Being a market maker, has few entry requirements, low minimum deposit, zero commission on trades and small minimum trade requirements. also offers a margin of up to 0.2 on currencies, which varies with most brokers depending on the trader, instruments and accounts. There are several risk management features offered, including stop loss, negative balance protection, price alerts, limit orders and much more. The best features of the platform include zero comminsions or fees, instant and efficient access via desktop and mobile devices and a solid foundation in two jurisdiction zones – South Africa and Europe.

All said and done, it is important to keep in mind that when trading, making profits is not guaranteed. Securities trading involves a high degree of risk due to changes in market volatility and other factors that may affect price, currency liquidity or any other instrument. It is therefore important to be careful and hope that the techniques and indicators presented in these trading instruments will bring profits.

Funding and Withdrawing

To deposit funds into your trading account at, there are several methods that you can use. These include Skrill, NETELLER, major credit cards and wire transfer through your bank. In case you don’t find these methods convenient, you can also use Ideal, Giropay, Mistercash, Sofort and Przelewy24 among others. While making deposits to your trading account, fees are exempt. Any transaction fee charged by banks or financial intermediaries for deposits exceeding $2,500 is very committed to reimbursing the same amount. uses the same methods for withdrawing as those used for depositing. For instance, if a trader uses a credit card to deposit funds into a trading account, the withdrawal method will also be a credit card. fees are not applicable on withdrawals, but the amount being withdrawn needs to meet the minimum requirement as listed below:

  • For debit/credit card, minimum withdrawal is 10 GBP/EUR/USD.
  • Through Skrill or Neteller, minimum withdrawal is 5 GDP/EUR/USD.
  • If you use wire transfer, the minimum withdrawal amount will be 100 GDP/EUR/USD. Within Europe, wire transfer is allowed to withdraw 20EUR.

Processing and approving a withdrawal request at takes about one day. Once approved, it takes about three more days for the entire withdrawal process to be completed and the cash is sent to the trader's account.

Customer Service, Safety and Reliability of Trading Services

At, traders can contact customer service support via email and live chat through their website, 24 hours a day, five days a week. is a trusted broker, as reliability is guaranteed through operations imposed by the regulatory authorities in Europe. Additionally, uses SSL technology for data encryption between the broker’s servers and client computers. The servers are well protected in highly secured data centers.

A recent review ranked this broker’s services as one of the best choices for investors to gain access to a wide variety of markets. Apart from low-cost fees, this broker provides a generous welcome bonus and a friendly low initial minimum deposit of $100, which is a very reasonable startup. generally demonstrates an impression of solidity, reliability and competence. The broker’s website is highly informative and features a number of educational tools. With cautious trading techniques, it could be an enriching option. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a beginner, has a wide appeal to many and offers a range of benefits.