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Cardano Foundation Becomes Gold Member In The Linux Foundation

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Updated 23 Jun 2022

Key points:

  • The Cardano Foundation Has Joined The Linux Foundation
  • What Is The Cardano Foundation?
  • Learn More About The Linux Foundation

The Cardano Foundation has joined the Linux Foundation as a Gold member, announced on 22nd June at the Open Source Summit in Austin and in a press release on the Cardano Foundation site. This puts the Cardano and Linux Foundations in a great position to be able to drive blockchain innovation into the future. Here, we look at this collaboration, plus dip into the backgrounds of both the Cardano and Linux Foundations.


The Cardano Foundation Has Joined The Linux Foundation

In a statement released by the Cardano Foundation on 22nd June, Cardano detailed they have joined the Linux Foundation as a gold member and went on to note that the Cardano Foundation is the only non-profit that is active with a gold membership.
In a Q&A session from Austin, at the Open Source Summit, the Chief Open Source Officer of the Cardano Foundation, Dirk Hohndel spoke with the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds.

Dirk Hohndel stated:

“Open-source is about communities. It’s about bringing together people from different companies, countries, and backgrounds. The Cardano Foundation is focused on driving the adoption of blockchain technology and we strongly believe that building a vibrant open-source community around our technology is a key part [of] achieving that goal.”

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The Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin, also stated:

“The Cardano Foundation represents a natural path to adoption of blockchain technologies to enable decentralized computing across a diverse set of applications. With Dirk leading Cardano’s open source ecosystem and the strong community already supporting this work, we’re excited to bring to bear our resources to build together into the future.”

What Is The Cardano Foundation?

The Cardano Foundation is a not-for-profit organization founded in September 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum, and Jeremy Wood based in Zug, Switzerland to support the Cardano project. The foundation is committed to promoting and developing the Cardano protocol and ecosystem, as well as educating the public about the benefits of blockchain technology. The foundation works with businesses, governments, and organisations to drive adoption of Cardano and help create a more sustainable world. You can learn some more about the Cardano platform here.

Learn More About The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is a non-profit technology consortium founded in 2000 as a merger between Open Source Development Labs and Free Standards Group. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the Linux Foundation promotes, protects, and standardizes Linux by providing financial and technical support to the open source community. By supporting various projects, the Linux Foundation helps to accelerate the adoption of new technologies and promote innovation within the open source community.