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Microsaic Systems (MSYS) Shares Jump On Development of Drug Manufacturing Technology

Sam Boughedda
Sam Boughedda trader
Updated 2 Jul 2021

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Microsaic Systems

Microsaic Systems (LON: MSYS) announced on Friday the development and demonstration of the first real-time monitoring Process Analytical Technology (PAT) MS solution for the on-line production of biotherapeutic drugs such as vaccines and anti-cancer treatments.


Microsaic Systems share price jumped 24.44% to 0.28p following the news.

Microsaic said live data transmitted via the internet of things devices from the micro-engineered MS equipment enables constant monitoring of production processes to ensure high-quality biological production output.

The company’s MS detector has been integrated with process control software to provide continuous, real-time analysis of the biomanufacturing process, including additional data analytics for quality monitoring and assurance.

The analytical instrumentation market in upstream bioprocessing was projected to be worth circa $390 million in 2020.

Source: IG

The G7 directive to deliver faster vaccine production to manage the current and future pandemics has seen Microsaic CEO, Glenn Tracey, label the achievement a “significant milestone”.

The technology is said to deliver an efficient automated production scaling methodology to fast-track drugs and vaccines to market, at a lower cost of production.

“We are not aware of any other technology that can simultaneously analyse small and large molecules as part of on-line production. We expect to interface with end-user manufacturing processes during H2 of this year, and we look forward to augmenting our system with further advanced AI tools in our drive to remain at the cutting edge of technology in the Industry 4.0 era,” said Tracey.

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