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Updated 18 Aug 2021


EagleFX is a brand-new trading arena that will likely appeal to risk-taking traders looking to exploit the opportunities found in higher leverage ratios, especially those with a mind for trading forex and cryptocurrencies. The fact that EagleFX just started doing business in 2019 means it still has to establish itself in an increasingly saturated and competitive marketplace. With plenty to prove, the features on offer from EagleFX appear designed to draw in traders with competitive leverage and spreads options. This article will explore what it is that makes EagleFX stand out while providing a practical assessment of the leverage and spreads available from this new forex broker.

Broker Overview

EagleFX Lower trading fees

Trader Rating
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😁 We really liked…
  • 24/7 trading
  • Scalping strategies allowed
  • Live Spreads feature
😕 Could improve...
  • Currently only 50 forex pairs
  • Relatively new broker
Website EagleFX
You can trade EagleFX High Leverage Review

EagleFX High Leverage Review

Trader Rating
Min Deposit Max Leverage
$50 1:500

EagleFX offers leverage starting at 1:500 on forex and metals which, while not the highest in the business, still places it above average and provides a significant advantage to those with aggressive trading strategies. It is particularly interesting when it comes to crypto, as its 1:100 offer is one of the highest available anywhere and a real encouragement for traders interested in this rapidly developing area. It also does well on indices, offering a highly competitive option of 1:200, ideal if you’re looking to make a large number of trades at the same time.


Summary and spreads

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EagleFX offers upwards of 50 forex currency pairs including all majors, while crypto-to-fiat trades are also provided. Trade sizes begin at a competitive level of 0.01 lots, which expands to the maximum rate of 1,000 lots. A stand-out feature of EagleFX, and one we think should be offered by more modern forex companies is its uninterrupted service. Clients can enjoy both 24/7 customer service — via live chat, email and phone contact — as well as 24/7 trading. Another feature worth mentioning is that EagleFX permits scalping trading strategies, something not offered by all forex platforms.

There are downsides to the fledgeling company, particularly when it comes to regulation. As a new startup, EagleFX is yet to secure international regulation and as such, remains unlicensed. This may sound alarm bells for veteran traders who rely on established and certified markets — especially if they are looking to engage in high-risk, high-reward and high-leverage market action. EagleFX has previously stated that the company is taking time to consider which regulatory body it would like to join so as not to exclude certain citizens or countries.

EagleFX offers tight execution spreads that are variable to ensure improved rates for users during times of low volatility. Spreads are displayed via the Live Spreads functionality on its website, which is automatically updated every 10 seconds for the most up-to-date market analysis. The website boasts an advanced pricing system that aligns its platform with major global markets to ensure optimal trading conditions around the clock.


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Leverage ratios can be determined by the account holder after opening an account with the minimum deposit of $10. Leverage rates are set to the preference of the account holder. The minimum leverage lies at 1:25 and extends to the maximum of 1:500 depending on the instrument, which entails no limits on account size in addition to no position limits. For those equipped with a higher threshold when it comes to taking trading risks, it is possible to implement leverage into your EagleFX deals at the following maximum rates:

  • Crypto – 1:100
  • Energies and indices – 1:200
  • Forex and metals – 1:500

This is a bold offering and one that seems designed to attract aggressive traders. However, it is worth remembering that higher leverage rates can entail greater losses, and as such, risk management is key. This is why it is also worth noting that EagleFX has partnered with a number of financial entities ensuring adequate levels of liquidity are available. In fact, EagleFX has acquired Tier One liquidity via Deutsche Bank and Barclays. Furthermore, EagleFX also uses Straight Through Processing (STP) to give traders direct access to the platform as opposed to relying on third-party providers, which means that a broader spectrum of traders will be well catered for.

The bottom line

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High-leveraged forex, CFD and STP-ECN trading are all available from this up-and-coming broker. Pending its promised membership to an internationally recognised regulatory body, EagleFX will certainly catch the eye of fearless traders looking to take advantage of high leverage, low spreads and a range of asset classes including crypto, major forex pairs, commodities and stock market indices. You can open a free demo account with EagleFX right now to test out the trading environment and decide whether or not it is the right forex and crypto platform for you.

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