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11 minutes read/Updated: 05 July 2020

Interactive Investor is a successful online stockbroker and investment company that was founded in 1995. Interactive Investor is an award-winning investment platform located in London, UK and also a registered member of the London Stock Exchange. It has become by far one of the most reputable investment channels in the UK and across the world, with over 40,000 global stocks to choose from within a wide range of 17 stock exchanges. The company boasts of about £30 billion worth of assets under their administration – belonging to over 300,000 engaged investors spread all over the world.

They offer a wide assortment of services to different traders, which include direct investment in – shares, ETFs, funds, investment trusts, bonds, gifts, and many more.

Interactive Investor is franchised and regulated by FCA with full FSCS protection. Hence, traders can be assured of safe investments and protection which guarantees transparency and legal backings by the FCA. Interactive Investor does not provide a demo account for practice. However, their mobile app is free and easy to download.

Here are valid reasons why you should open an investment account with this stockbroker in the near future if you ever choose to:

  • Up-to-date financial information for traders
  • Stress-free methods of payment
  • Accessible customer support services
  • Online app for mobile trading
  • Wide access to global markets
  • No demo account for inexperienced traders
  • Lack of tutorials for self-learning
  • Reflection of payment is not instant for traders.

What can you trade?

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Interactive Investor CFDs Review

£1 Min Deposit
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1:30 Max Leverage

Interactive Markets enables you to trade Contract(s) For Difference (CFD), Spread Trading and Forex on one platform or across a range of trading platforms. Trade thousands of financial markets including equities, indices, commodities, FX, rates and bonds.

Contract(s) For Differences (CFDs) and financial spread trading allows you to trade on the speculation that an investment’s price will rise or fall. You may trade global funds, shares, indices, commodities, and currencies. You may invest in spread trading; the amount you put on each level of price movement is your stake. However, whenever you’re trading with CFDs, you sell or buy a list of units or a monetary amount of CFDs in an investment, quite the same as trading equities.

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Interactive Investor Stocks Review

£1 Min Deposit
Mid App Support
1:1 Max Leverage

There is a wide range of shares of companies listed for trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and other exchanges across Europe and America.

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Interactive Investor Fee

Similar to a lot of other brokers in the UK, Interactive Investor offers a fee structure that varies on all the number of accounts on the platform. It exhibits a flat fair fee for Investors at £9.99 across all their trading accounts, which includes ISA, SIPP, except for JISA which is a free account. The Super Investor monthly fee is £19.99, and Funds Fan monthly fee is £13.99.

The fees per trade (both UK shares and funds) for Investors, Fund fans, and Super Investors vary as follows: £7.99 both shares and funds, £7.99 for shares, 3.99 for funds, and £3.99 for both shares and funds. Interactive Investor boasts of maintaining a flat rate fee per month despite an increase in the investment return of their traders.

Using this flat rate, Interactive Investor helps their traders to save about £30,000 or more than their competitors. However, the SIPP trading account requires additional service fees – Interactive Investor administrative charges of £10 and another £10 drawdown fee when the traders begin to get returns on their investments.

Account Types

Interactive Investor has four different account types that are designed to suit the client’s needs and goals. These account types are:

Trading Account: This type of account can only be opened and operated by a person above the age of 18. It has no limit on its savings for a year. It gives the chance for traders to invest in a full range of trusts, funds, shares, bonds, and gifts. This account is usually subject to capital gain tax. Funds can be accessed at any time.

Individual Savings Account (ISA): This type of account has a maximum annual savings of £20,000 with free tax savings.  A trader can invest in a full range of funds, shares, bonds, and investment trust. A flat-rate fee of £9.99 per month is required for all traders wishing to open this account. Interactive Investor also gives commission rates of £7.99 for all UK and US trades. Also, a free €7.99 credit is given back every month to help traders buy and sell any investment.

Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP): This can be opened by anyone over 18yrs, especially people who are planning for their retirements. Pay in up to £40,000 per tax year and get tax relief. You can choose whether to pay into your SIPP account monthly or in one large sum. If you are not currently working, you can still contribute up to £2,880 each year, and the Government will increase that up to £3,600 through tax relief.

Once you have started receiving a taxable income from your SIPP, you can make contributions of up to £4,000 each year that qualify for tax relief. Funds cannot be touched until the age of 55, which would increase to 57 by the year 2028. Exceptions are, however, made in cases of ill health.

Junior ISA: JISAs can only be opened by a child’s parent or guardian, but anyone can fund it afterward. The money in the JISA is owned by the child, who can have access to the account when they are 16 – but not the money.

On their 18th birthday, the JISA will be converted into a standard ISA, and they will be able to access the funds or keep them invested. Just like a standard ISA, there is an annual limit for how much you can invest. For the 2019-20 tax year, the JISA allowance is £4,368. The account comes with no extra charges.


They have an excellent online presence with mobile apps for iOs and Android devices, including a user-friendly website to an extent. Interactive Investor is one of the best trading platforms.

Mobile apps are enhanced for secure messaging, trade research, face and touch ID for strong account security, and up-to-date newsfeeds to stay abreast of every information. The lack of a demo account might be the only grey area in their bid to make their platform user-friendly.

interactiveinvestors platform


The Interactive Investor platform is easy to use and accessible to everyone across the globe. The website is well designed, colourful, and simple in every way possible. You can access every information from how to open a trading account, types of trading accounts to every tidbit of information you need to know. I found it quite easy to navigate through, most of the important information can be accessed by scrolling down to the list of materials available on the website or by clicking on the Menu option to get a wide range of pointers to what you need.

Customer Support

Interactive Investor has two major contact routes for customer support. First, by writing to them using their address (Interactive Investor, Exchange Court, Duncombe Street, Leeds, LS14AX), and secondly, by calling their UK lines or International lines respectively; 0345 607 6001 or +44 113 246 2309.

They are opened to calls in the UK from Mondays – Fridays 07:45 – 17:30 GMT/BST and international calls from Mondays – Fridays; 17:30 – 21:00 GMT/BST

Payment Method

Interactive Investor uses a wide range of payment methods which include: cheques, debit cards, internal transfers, bank transfer across their trading accounts. They usually require verifications to allow the security of payment and prevent financial errors. 

Debit Cards: Interactive Investor confirms that the fastest way of funding your account is through Credit/Debit cards because the transactions are secured and reflect in your account after a business day. A call-back verification procedure may as well follow for security reasons. The transaction limit is £99,999 in one transaction for all their traders.

Bank wire Transfer: This method can be used for both deposits and withdrawals. It is also a reliable way of getting your account funded.

Cheque Deposit: All cheques are to be forwarded to Interactive Investor Services Limited, but they implore their traders to use debit cards or bank transfers and also preferably internal transfer.

Internal Transfer: Traders can also transfer within the platform from one account to the other. It allows for a robust financial exchange between traders and traders using multiple accounts.

Best Offers

Interactive Investor does not provide a demo account for practice purposes. However, their mobile apps are user-friendly and filled with exciting ways of getting your investments done. They guarantee a monthly credit of €7.99 for all their traders to purchase and sell funds. They
have an interactive customer service for all complaints via calls during their service hours. They help you save up to £30,000 as a result of their fair flat-rate fee on their account openings across all boards. A research tool to keep you abreast of every information available for traders
globally. It has an all-easy access to your funds wherever and whenever you like and over 40,000 UK and global stocks to choose from.

Regulations, Deposits, and Protections