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Nutmeg: Learn Everything You Need from the Best Online Investment Platform

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Updated 27 Jul 2022

Nutmeg was envisioned and brought to life in 2011. Founded by a stock market broker who was displeased about zero transparency in the world of investment, the platform works to make investment easy and stress-free for all its users.

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Nutmeg Minimum Investment & Features

This online investment platform and UK based robo-advisor helps to make complex graphs and hours of researching stocks a piece of cake. It is the best online investment platform that takes care of all of the proceedings for you. In addition to good Nutmeg minimum investment options, you also enjoy the following:

  • Easy investment and asset management
  • Impressive support service
  • Wide array of tools
  • Low investment fees

Easy Investment and Asset Management

Nutmeg primarily invests in Collective Investment Vehicles. This mainly refers to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). ETFs are asset backed, unfussy liquid securities that are put together to keep a record of the movement of broader market indices. ETFs hold equity positions as well as asset classes. This comprises future contracts and bonds. Since the platform works as an independent company, they can choose from any type of holdings, securities and assets since there are not under any particular provider.

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Rather than opting for a single company that focuses solely on surpassing their competitors, Nutmeg’s marketing campaign states that smart, long-term asset allocation is a wiser investment strategy. The investment team at Nutmeg makes use of a variety of assets so that constructing globally diversified portfolios is simplified. There are four account types offered:

  • Stocks and shares ISA: An Individual Savings Account (ISA) is a tax-free account that safeguards your investment from tax, particularly when it is time to sell.
  • Lifetime ISA: Opening a lifetime ISA helps you obtain a 25% government bonus during the purchase of your first house or at the time of retirement.
  • Personal pension: This works well when you are prepared to seal in your money until you are 55 years old.
  • General account: If you have another stocks and shares ISA for the exiting tax year or have used up your ISA allowance, opt for a general account.

Impressive support service

The support team at Nutmeg is competent enough to direct prospective clients through the entire setup procedure. They also help you in a productive way when it comes to answering basic account questions. Although the support team is responsive, the customer service team cannot really provide users with any direct investment advice owing to the fact that the emergence of robo-advisors is relatively new. However, the representatives that are part of the customer service team are positive in nature as well as informative and friendly to approach. In case of email testing, response time was good. Generally speaking, a response is provided to you in two business days or less. The quality of the responses was also satisfactory. When it comes to testing phone lines and their pickup times, it was found that pickup time was less than a minute. All of the queries and questions were answered in a warm, welcoming and engaging manner. In addition to this, customer service at Nutmeg was detailed and precise. This was a plus point since no additional follow-up was required. All in all, the customer service and support team works in relation to your concerns. Besides a few areas, particularly in reference to robo-advisors, you can rest assured that all of your queries and questions are answered in a meticulous and productive way.

  • Decent customer service
  • Fast response times
  • Robo-advisors available

Wide array of tools

Nutmeg helps users get through a sequence of basic questions which essentially pertains to each client’s goals. After taking into consideration the user’s preferred choice of account, which can be either an ISA account, standard investing account, pension account or lifetime ISA account, the investor is questioned whether the saving is for simple investment objectives or for a goal. Users are also questioned about the timeframe of their investment, the initial amount of investment and whether monthly saving comes into the picture.

Once the user decides the kind of account they want, they can opt for a fully managed or fixed allocation account. You will also have to answer around 11 questions about your experience in investing. Based on the answers provided, Nutmeg decides your risk appetite or aversion and then displays the overall risk tolerance. You can accept this assessment or restart the process. The Nutmeg tool basically provides an understandable visual display of performance projection along with a breakdown of the portfolio and historical returns. Users can expect proper guidance and will receive answers to all their questions. Some of the tools offered include:

  • Pension and retirement calculator
  • Saving and investment forecaster
  • Breakdown of portfolio
  • Educational content
  • Mobile app for iPhone
  • Extensive and comprehensive FAQs

There is a separate Nutmeg blog called Nutmegonomics that offers market research and investor education to ensure informed investment decisions.


When it comes to online investment, it is important that besides conducting a broker comparison, you also get support and basic information. Even if you work with the best broker, it is necessary you understand the basics of online trading and investing, so that you can meet your investment goals with ease and without taking too many risks. That is why Nutmegonomics is a resource that you should use when you are looking at what the Nutmeg minimum investment is. It is a handy resource to have, as it contains all the information you require to ensure the best trading outcomes. It allows investors to check out different portfolios and understand market conditions to make informed investment decisions.

Nutmeg blog, or Nutmegonomics, provides detailed information on how to study and understand different financial markets. It provides the latest market information so that analysis and assessment become easier. Investors have the option of checking out sample portfolio or requesting the Nutmeg team to create a demo portfolio based on their risk aversion or appetite. This makes it easier for investors to understand how to work in real financial markets. It helps to build confidence in the investor as they get empowered with information and knowledge. No longer do investors risk jumping in without basic understanding of the workings of the financial markets or investment instruments.

Low Investment Fees

If investors are looking at Nutmeg minimum investment, they will be happy to learn that Nutmeg does not charge fees for set up or exit. The platform does not charge any transaction fee for paying in or withdrawing funds. Investors also don’t have to worry about paying for trading. However, there is a Nutmeg minimum contribution. The minimum investment is £500. In a case where the minimum investment is less than £5,000, then investors have to contribute at least £100 each month. The platform is quite transparent about its fee structure, which is clearly stated on its website. In 2017, Nutmeg has reduced its prices with the aim to be more competitive and attract more visitors. Here are some details about the investment fees that Nutmeg charges:

  • Nutmeg minimum contribution is £500
  • For investments between £100,000 and £500,000, investors have to pay approximately 0.35% for a Nutmeg fully managed portfolio and 0.25% for the Nutmeg fixed allocation portfolio.
  • For investments that are more than £500,000, the minimum charges are 0.35% for fully managed portfolio and 0.25% for fixed allocation portfolio.

While actively managed portfolios are more expensive and riskier, it yields higher returns compared to a portfolio that is passively managed. Hence, the key lies in selecting the right portfolio manager. The fixed allocation portfolio is passively managed and ensures long-term returns even in a volatile environment. In addition, investors may have to pay some underlying costs to cover investment costs. These costs vary from investor to investor.

Nutmeg Managed Portfolio

Investors can choose between ten fully managed portfolios, and each portfolio has a unique blend of stocks and shares. Of course, investors have to meet the Nutmeg minimum investment requirement for each portfolio. The risk level of each portfolio varies from cautious to aggressive, and contains investment assets from different financial markets from across the world. This helps to diversify investment and risk so that investors can avail rich dividends and benefits.

If you perform an online investment platform comparison, you will realise that Nutmeg regularly assesses and evaluates asset performance in each portfolio and this makes it more appealing compared to similar brokers. This evaluation ensures that the risk profile of the portfolio is in sync with the investor’s risk profile. The fact that each portfolio deals with different investment assets, like ETFs and shares, the risk gets distributed and ensures better returns. Hence, investors don’t have to worry about massive financial losses. Investors don’t have to put all their eggs in one basket. Instead, they can spread their risk and trade in shares and stocks of their choice. This is a massive lure for any potential investors as the risk and fear of having all your capital in one company can be both stressful and financially disastrous.

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Nutmeg Fixed Allocation Portfolio

Investors also have the option to invest in Nutmeg fixed allocation portfolio. The difference here is that the investment assets do not change or alter with changes and fluctuations in the market conditions. Nutmeg offers five fixed allocation portfolio based on risk profiles, which include cautious, steady, balanced, growth and adventurous. Each investor has to fulfil Nutmeg minimum contribution for the chosen portfolio based on their risk appetite. This is a very useful feature for investors of any degree of experience and is undoubtedly thought highly of by many of their user base.

A fixed allocation portfolio works out as a cheaper investment option as investors don’t have to shell out an additional fee that they pay to use the expertise and services of Nutmeg investment and financial experts. Since the assets within the portfolio are not changed with changing market conditions, they don’t yield high returns. This investment portfolio is apt for investors who are risk averse or want a low-cost investment option. Each fixed allocation portfolio operates within a fixed range and it tends to rebalance on its own if there is a significant shift from the original risk profile. It is important to note that Nutmeg fixed allocation portfolios are unavailable via Nutmeg pension portfolios.

The Final Verdict About Nutmeg

If you are keen on finding a low-cost broker for online investment that is reliable, you cannot go wrong with Nutmeg. With a view to make investing accessible to a wider audience and do away with all of the unnecessary costs linked to investing through a huge investment firm, this is a great platform for both novices and experienced investors.

Continuing the conclusion about Nutmeg, once users have opted for their risk level, the system goes on to settle on the most favourable portfolio for them. An advantage with Nutmeg is that annual fund expenses are kept to a minimum owing to the exclusive use of ETFs as portfolio holdings. It has low minimum investment requirements and competitive fees that allow you to grow your investments through fixed and managed investment portfolios. The platform offers reason returns and is considered one of the cheapest online investment services.


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