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Amazon Expands in India with MX Player Acquisition

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Updated 6 Jun 2024

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), the global e-commerce and cloud computing giant, has announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire specific assets of MX Player, an Indian video streaming service. This strategic move aims to bolster Amazon's presence in the ever-growing online streaming landscape of India.

MX Player, a company that had secured an investment of $110.8 million from Tencent in 2019, is currently valued at under $100 million as a result of this deal with Amazon. This valuation indicates a notable shift in MX Player's market standing since its previous financing round. Although the transaction is not yet finalised, the acquisition pronounces Amazon's commitment to expanding its services within a key market.

Times Internet, MX Player's parent company, had been evaluating competing offers for the asset, with notable interest from potential bidders such as the alliance of Zee-Sony. The bid from Amazon has surpassed these offers, setting the stage for a potentially significant realignment within India's digital entertainment sector.

An Amazon spokesperson expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming integration, stating the company's intention to further engage and entertain Indian audiences with a range of local originals and exclusive content. Amazon intends to leverage MX Player's assets within its Prime Video and miniTV services, which could significantly enhance their market proposition by diversifying their content library.


The acquisition is poised to enrich the Prime Video catalogue with an extensive array of genres that MX Player has been known to offer, from regional to international content. The addition is likely to be welcomed by Indian consumers, who have shown an ever-increasing appetite for digital content consumption.

Though the financial specifics and the structural details of the deal's closure have not been publicly disclosed, the announcement has managed to stir the media and entertainment industry, hinting at Amazon’s aggressive push to capture a larger share of the Indian OTT (over-the-top) market.

With the impending completion of the acquisition, Amazon is set to reinforce its position against competitors like Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar in India. Meanwhile, industry analysts are watching closely, speculating on the ripple effects that this acquisition could have across the broader digital entertainment and streaming ecosystem in the region.

As the deal finalisation approaches, Amazon's strategy seems clear: integrating MX Player’s assets not only strengthens its content offerings but also underlines its long-term commitment to investing in localised content, thereby catering to India's diverse and expansive user base. The move could further solidify Amazon's footprint in India's digital economy and its role as a major player in global streaming wars.

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