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Antero Midstream Stock (NYSE:AM) – Dividend Yield 6.3% With 12 Month Upside Of 36.22%

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Updated 8 Apr 2024

Antero Midstream Corp's (NYSE:AM) shares fell slightly on Friday from a $14.36 high to a $14.19 low. Despite this marginal drop, Antero is managed to stay green on the week with a 1.35% increase. With an impressive YTD 13.23% rise, Antero's Shareholders are riding the high and receiving handsome dividend payouts at 6.3%.

In a noteworthy move within the energy sector, Barton Investment Management has aggressively expanded its investment portfolio by acquiring a new position in Antero Midstream. The purchase, which took place during the fourth quarter, involved 358,193 shares and has an estimated value of approximately $4.488 million.

This strategic investment now constitutes 0.6% of Barton Investment Management's portfolio, marking the company's 18th largest holding. The acquisition reflects a growing interest in the midstream segment of the energy industry, which focuses on the processing, storing, transporting, and marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids.

Barton's investment trend aligns with actions by other major institutional players which have also increased their shares in Antero.

Investment Firms Continuing to Add NYSE: AM Despite Downside Analyst Targets

When looking at analyst price targets for Antero Midstream the news is less than positive. Whilst you will still find an average ‘hold' rating on the stock, the average price target sitting 7.28% below the last closing price does not do much for bulls.

The range of the 4 firms of note is very tight, with a $14 high set against a $13 low. This indicates that the stock is very well priced within its' range, and this may be one more for dividend capture than capital appreciation in the short term.

The most recent move in analyst views was last month, when TPH&Co. downgraded Antero Midstream to Hold from Buy but revised price targets upwards to $13 (previously $12).


Financially, Antero Midstream has delivered a robust performance, reporting earnings of $0.24 per share for the quarter. This result comfortably surpassed the consensus estimate of $0.21 per share among analysts, indicating a healthier financial position and potentially more upside for investors like Barton.

Additionally, Antero Midstream continues to reward its shareholders through a quarterly dividend. The most recent dividend declared was $0.225 per share, which translates to an annual yield of 6.30%. This attractive dividend payout could be a contributing factor to the increased investment activity observed from institutional investors.

Barton Investment Management's move to secure a position in Antero Midstream reflects a broader market optimism about the prospects of midstream energy companies, suggesting confidence in their continued growth and profitability amidst an evolving energy landscape.

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