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Ashtead Group Shares (LON: AHT) Dip As Value Gap Discussed

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Updated 14 Jun 2024

London listed Ashtead Group shares (LON: AHT) could be looking for a new home across the Atlantic if early rumblings are to believed. It is said that board members at the firm are seeing a valuation gulf between themselves and their peers operating in the US. Whilst Ashtead is listed in the UK, the majority of its business is conducted in the US.

“Ashtead is essentially a US business operationally, with over 90 per cent of its revenue and over 95 per cent of its operating profits being generated in North America,”

Lucinda Riches, non-executive director at Ashtead 

Ashtead share price has largely traded within a range over the past 12 months, with 0.37% gains nothing to write home about. The last month has also seen a slight shift in sentiment, as the stock has dipped almost 8%, lagging markets significantly.

The Group business encompasses a wide range of services within the construction, industrial, and general equipment rental sectors in key markets such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Ashtead Group's diversity of services spans from pumps and power generation to heating, cooling, scaffolding, traffic management, temporary flooring, trench shoring, and lifting services, solidifying its presence as a one-stop shop for equipment solutions in the rental industry.

Despite the potential uncertainty, analysts covering Ashtead Group stock remain largely bullish in the firms prospects, as Jefferies Financial Group recently reaffirmed their buy rating on the company's shares with a target price of GBX 6,150. This positive outlook was released in a comprehensive research report by Jefferies on Wednesday, providing investors and stakeholders with renewed confidence in the company's potential for growth and stability.


Ashtead Group is not only drawing attention from Jefferies but has also been on the radar of several other top-tier research analysts. Groups such as Barclays, Royal Bank of Canada, Deutsche Bank , and JPMorgan, have all weighed in, offering ratings and target prices for Ashtead that contribute to the overall assessment of the company's financial health.

Current consensus among investment analysts demonstrates a moderate buy rating for Ashtead Group, accompanied by an average target price of GBX 4,970. This consensus reflects the input from two analysts who recommend holding the stock and six analysts advocating for a buy.

Ashtead’s financial structure includes a debt-to-equity ratio of 162.35, a measurement that while indicating a significant level of borrowing in relation to equity, is not uncommon for capital-intensive industries. The company also maintains a quick ratio of 1.13 and a current ratio of 1.36, suggesting adequate short-term assets to cover its liabilities.

What is next for Ashtead we will have to wait and see, but with some of the value disparity and rumblings of the board you have to wonder whether this might be another stock to shift shores.

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