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Boeing Faces Turbulent Skies as Deliveries Plunge 36% – Share Price Below $175

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Updated 11 Apr 2024

Boeing shares (NYSE:BA) continued to nose dive yesterday, with their share price dipping 1.96% to sit on a year to date return of -30.64%.

If it seemed like the news surrounding Boeing couldn't get much worse, the aerospace frontrunner got hit again on news of its commercial aircraft deliveries plummeting by 36.2% year over year. The latest figures paint a troubling picture for the Chicago-based manufacturer, which saw its total deliveries dive to 83 units, down sharply from 130 in the same period in 2023.

The first-quarter results articulated a sombre narrative for Boeing, particularly in its commercial and defence sectors. Deliveries of its flagship 737 models nosedived to a mere 66 airplanes from a count of 113 in the previous year. Strikingly, there were no rollouts of its 747 or 777 jets in the same timeframe, a fact that could be attributed to a constellation of adverse factors such as dampened demand and persistent supply chain disruptions.

Such a downtrend in deliveries reflects a multitude of challenges Boeing faces, including intense competition from its European rival Airbus SE (EPA: AIR) whose shares have rocketed 16.24% in the first quarter. The tides appear to be in Airbus's favour, which impressively delivered 142 commercial aircraft in the first quarter of 2024. This stark contrast underscores not only the challenges within Boeing's own operations but also highlights the competitive dynamics of the aircraft manufacturing industry.


Adding to Boeing's competitive worries, Brazilian aerospace company Embraer reported the delivery of 75 jets, including 25 commercial and 49 executive jets. With an $18.7 billion backlog at the end of 2023, Embraer's operations seem to be on a more stable flight path. Embraer's (BVMF: EMBR3) shares reported a huge uptick of 49.14% YTD. Meanwhile, Textron delivered a combined total of 185 units across its jet, turboprop, and helicopter segments. Textron's (NYSE: TXT) shares have shown another impressive gain of 18.91%. The company has been buoyed by a positive long-term earnings growth rate of 10.1%.

Investor sentiment around Boeing has been adversely affected, with its shares enduring a 17.75% decline over the past year. In stark contrast, shareholders of both Embraer and Textron have had more reasons to be bullish, witnessing their investments soar by 60.20% and 39.99%, respectively.

There is space and movement for other players in the aerospace market with he confluence of Boeing's operational difficulties and investor pessimism have culminated in a challenging market position for the company, the industry will watch closely to see whether it can recalibrate its flight path to match the ascendant trajectories of its competitors. With globalisation and technological progress propelling the aerospace industry forward, Boeing's capacity to make strategic adjustments and revitalise its delivery metrics will be crucial to regaining its historic market prominence.

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