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FTSE 100 Nears its 12M High, Trump Backed Stock Skyrockets.

Analyst Team trader
Updated 27 Mar 2024

In a stride that reflects the underlying resilience of the British equity market, the FTSE 100 index today nudged slightly higher, achieving proximity to its 12-month zenith and approaching the cusp of its all-time high. After beginning the day in negative territory, the sentiment moved up during the day. The day ended up on 0.17%. This uptick marks a steady climb for the index, despite initial downward pressure at opening, reflecting investor optimism and a robust trading environment in the UK.

Across the Atlantic, a surge in the share price has been noted for the Trump Media and Technology Group, the venture founded by the former US President Donald Trump, following its merger with a shell company that had ties to a notable Republican supporter. In a conspicuous climb, shares for the company skyrocketed by over 30% in the course of the day.

This movement sees President Trump's holding, representing nearly 60% of the firm, escalating into the multi-billion-dollar valuation threshold, casting a spotlight on the business's market reception and potential future trajectory.

On the corporate affairs front, there has been a striking development at Ferguson Marine (FERG.L), the shipbuilder behind CalMac ferries, as CEO David Tydeman faced dismissal due to warnings about impending delays in production, underscoring the challenges within the shipbuilding sector and the scrutiny facing its management.


The beverage industry has gushed with positive news, with Scottish soft drink maker AG Barr (LON:BAG) traded up 9.34% and premium mixer company Fever-Tree (LON:FEVR) gained 11.34% after reporting robust sales. AG Barr, in particular, has seen its sales effervesce, charting a rise of over one-quarter in the past year, signaling consumer affection for its diverse range of soft drinks despite turbulent economic conditions.

Cryptocurrency markets, not to be overshadowed by traditional stocks, have witnessed a notable rebound in Bitcoin's value after the previous week's decline. The pioneering digital currency is trading at an impressive $69,892, reaching for its historical peak of $73,750. All eyes are on the upcoming bitcoin block reward halving event, expected on April 19, which historically has been a catalyst for significant price movements and is likely to once again drive discussions around the future prospects of this cryptocurrency.

Today's financial stories paint a picture of an active and dynamic market landscape, where traditional indices maintain steady growth while emergent technologies like cryptocurrencies continue to challenge the norms of investment and asset valuation.

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