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GM Recalls Over 13K Corvettes for Seat Belt Issue

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Updated 13 Jun 2024

General Motors (NYSE:GM) has announced a recall affecting 13,464 C8-generation Chevrolet Corvette models from the 2024 and 2025 model years. This measure was taken due to an issue identified with the seat belt retractors which could compromise passenger safety.

The problem lies with the retractors which are prone to becoming locked in the stowed position. When this malfunction occurs, the seat belts cannot be extended and worn by the occupants, significantly reducing their effectiveness in the event of an accident. This presents an increased risk of injury during a collision as passengers may not be properly restrained.

In response to the issue, GM has taken proactive steps to prevent any potential accidents related to this fault. Effective immediately, dealers have been instructed to halt the delivery of 2024 and 2025 Corvette models. This includes new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. Furthermore, dealerships are not allowed to engage in auctioning these models or conducting dealer-to-dealer transactions until the necessary repairs have been made. This ensures that no vehicles with the identified defect are sold to unsuspecting customers.


Customers currently driving affected Corvette models are being cautioned about the heightened risk they face without functioning seat belt retractors. In the absence of the ability to properly secure themselves with seat belts, the potential for harm in a crash scenario is significantly amplified.

As of the latest information, GM has mentioned a shortage of the required parts to address the seat belt retractor issue, and there is no clear timeline for when these components will be available. This poses a challenge in scheduling repairs for the affected vehicles.

Once the needed parts are in stock, GM dealers will carry out the repairs at no charge to vehicle owners. To ensure that owners of the recalled vehicles are aware of this fault and the forthcoming solution, GM is planning to dispatch owner notification letters starting July 22. In the meantime, concerned customers can reach out to Chevrolet customer service for further details and assistance.

This recall emphasises the importance of safety in vehicular design and the need for manufacturers to quickly address any potentially hazardous issues. GM's recall process is part of a broader commitment to customer safety and compliance with road safety regulations. The owners of the affected vehicles can expect to receive full support from GM in rectifying these issues as soon as the necessary repair parts are available.

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